Cabana Night Was Awesome!

Thanks to all that attended the 1st Cabana Night that we held this week in Waltham. Personally, I had a fantastic time. What a really cool way to exchange information and meet others around the area. In reviewing the feedback forms, it looks like many others shared my excitement. Without a doubt the idea that Patrick Hynds, Carl Franklin and Chris Pels came up with was a definite winner. I was amazed at that the fact that we had almost a 150 people attend. I know that as both Joe and I floated through the rooms the conversation and topics were awesome! Have to say I learned quite a bit just listening.

I can’t really say enough how important these types of get together and discussion groups are a huge win for the developer community of New England. It was a great opportunity for us to get together and learn from each other.

Of course the success of this event was because of the community and the help of the moderators and experts. I wanted to provide a special thanks to the following experts and moderators. You guys Rock!

Topic Area




Richard Hale Shaw

Jesse Liberty


Raheel Retiwalla

Andy Kelly

Enterprise Architecture

Chris Pels

Chris Bowen

John Watson

Mobile Development

Don Sorcinelli

Steve Hughes


Patrick Hynds

Duane Laflotte

Robert Hurlbut

Smart Client/WinForm

Carl Franklin

Pat Tormey

Based on the feedback we definitely want to do another one of these! In reviewing the feedback, I wanted to pass on a few of the lessons learned. Please add any additional that you may have.

  1. Unfortunately the pizza was delivered early. That actually caused us to have to change the structure of the breaks. We definitely need to incorporate more defined breaks.
  2. Need to consider re-arranging the rooms into more of a semi-circle rather than theatre style seating. The feedback was that this would have been a little more relaxing.

I’m thinking in the February/March time frame. What do you think?

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