Webcast Slides

Well thanks to everyone that attended my MSDN session yesterday on Using Visual Studio 2005 to Build Data-Driven ASP.NET 2.0 Applications. As promised I have posted the slides here.  


Windows Mobile Webcast Week

Webcasts abound! I was checking out some of the upcoming ones and ran across the Windows Mobile webcast week on November 15th the content for this looks awesome. I also found out that our own New England CFDon is scheduled to present. Awesome set of content and definitely ones that you will want to attend!


Don’t miss them!

Not sure if many people have seen these. But this a terrific set of Webcasts that are being run around .NET 2.0. From what I have seen the content has been awesome. I am actually doing one of the webcasts tomorrow and hope to see you there! 


Code Camp 2 – Trial by Video!

Finally got a chance to pull together all the video from Code Camp 2 into a little movie! Just remember I have no plans to quit my day job and Hollywood has nothing to worry about!   http://perseus.franklins.net/msnewengland/CodeCamp2.wmv   So what do you think?   A special thanks to Carl for helping a very video…


Code Camp II: Starting to Wrap it Up!

Code Camp II was something else! I am finally digging out and the event was totally awesome. 60+ Sessions 40+ Speakers Wow! What an awesome event. We had almost 420 developers attend. I am going through some great video and will post it shortly. Here is the camper picture courtesy of Chris Pels. We are…


Announcing: Will Code for Device!

Want a Mobile Device?   Mobile applications are quickly becoming an essential component of application development. One of the things that many people don’t realize is that any .NET developer is already a mobile developer! We are taking the Mobile Message across the county with the .NET To Go Mobility Roadshow. This Roadshow is showcasing…


Mobility is coming to your area!

What a great night at the Mobility Roadshow in Philadelphia last night! It was a blast with over 80 people attending this session. In case you haven’t heard these are a great series of mobility seminars all over the country that are a definite one to attend if you have any interest in mobility or…


Code Camp II Book Swap

  Do you have any technical books that you no longer need? If they’re in good * Shape * bring them along to Code Camp II and exchange them for a title more useful to you.   Hand in your book and receive a ticket good for the “purchase” of someone else’s book. But be…


Final Agenda is up!

Wow! Just posted the final agenda and it is awesome. Check it out!   The final totals   Smart Client – 39 Web Track – 20 Data Track – 5   That is a total of 64 sessions or 96 hours of technical content!!!


Creating and Moving Controls Dynamically within .NET

Question: I understand that .NET offers inheritance and I think that that may help with a project that I am currently working on. Let’s say that I have a single control. I want to use that control across multiple tabs on a form. How would I go about that?   Answer: Absolutely, the Framework offers…