Funny geek

Rory may be the funniest geek to ever walk the Internet (read some of his archive stuff; it had me crying). This actually doesn't make me happy, because I always thought I was the funniest one around, I just needed to get my website up and running so people could recognize this fact, but first I wanted to learn about HTML so I bought a book on that, which led me to reading up on ASP, and let me get that book on IIS as well, and huh, Windows 2000 is kinda neat, let me look into that first, and before you know it, I was all set to watch football. Critical note: I have a short attention span. Say, I got it--I think I'll start a blog!

The link I just had to share was actually a comment Rory made in one of Chris Sells' recent blogs. See, this cat is so good he goes around making other blogs funny. Make sure you view the picture that Chris links to first, then read Rory's comment.

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