First Post!

Well, I tried to swim against the current and set up a blog on a completely different blog hosting site than my gotdotnet brethren. But after hitting a few hiccups, I decided to give in and just create one here, along with everyone else. It's been since PDC since I've blogged, mainly due to vacations and deadlines. I plan on getting back in the swing shortly. My blog started out as a repository for C# Idioms, which I hope to still work on. But one thing I learned about technical writing is that it's hard. I mean, really really hard. Never again will I look at Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming and think, “Eh, I could do better.”

So, I'll be posting random stuff. Some technical, some not. After PDC I got very fired up about Avalon so I may discuss that from time to time (note that I have zero connection to any cool people working on Avalon).

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