early days MCP preview of "Longhorn" certifications

Details on Windows Server “Longhorn” certifications will be forthcoming in June, though the certifications will be available quite a bit later. In advance of that, we are previewing the new certifications for MCPs to help with your certification planning. That preview is now posted on the MCP site (you’ll need to log-in to get there)….


Free E-Learning for Windows Server "Longhorn"

We’re at beta 3 for Longhorn and MIcrosoft Learning just published five E-Learning clinics that should help you get familiar. The best part is that these are free for a while so customers (you) have excellent quality training to get things started with the new features. Check it.


MCP Live Meeting: Introducing the Windows Server “Longhorn” Certification Roadmap

As we said earlier, we’ll beta the 2003–>Longhorn upgrade exams at TechEd (1st week of June in Orlando, Florida). Next bit is to announce and answer questions about what is being developed for the Longhorn certification roadmap. Here is the information: Join us for this Live Meeting with the Microsoft Learning certification team for an introduction…


Punchline + Longhorn Upgrade Exam Offer Q&A

So, a booth babe and a geek walk in to a bar after a Longhorn preview. While waiting to be seated, the geek says, “Damn, what a great Server!” The booth babe, looking impatient, says “Server?! We haven’t even gotten a table yet!” ALTERNATE ENDING: …the geek smiles at a female geek at the bar and says, “Wow! Server!” The…


A little something up our sleeve…Exchange, SQL05, Office cert Live Meetings

The next few certification-related Live Meetings we’re planning, below. This is supposed to be helpful for you guys, so if I’m getting it wrong, tell me what you’d rather hear about instead. Intro to Exchange 2007 cert paths (early February) Recap of SQL Server 2005 cert paths and upgrade from MCDBA (late January) Intro to…