Go on, have a scratch: the Highs and Lows of IT Forum

Back in Seattle now. What a good event, TechEd. Here’s my quick review:  Absolute tops: My co-workers. My co-workers from Microsoft Learning, Pearson VUE (one of our exam partners), and the very funny MCTs from all over (Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Netherlands, UK, Greece, Switzerland etc. etc.) who worked with us at the MSL booth Best cake in show….


"Best cake in show!"

Per my earlier post, the Microsoft Learning booth at Ask the Experts at IT Forum has, inexplicably, hundreds of tiny cookies–cakes, depending on where you’re from–with perfectly rendered little MCP logos on them. Slavko, our on-hand Slovenian MCT (I could not make this up!) has been aggressively hawking the little treasures with cries of “Best cake in…


More IT Forum Restroom News: Ladies in the Mens

One of my MSL co-horts, Matt Carter (afore-mentioned guy in charge of working with product groups to align the training and certifications we develop with release of technologies…) was telling me yesterday that he, too, had a surprising restroom experience (see my earlier post), wherein a lady came out of the men’s room. It turns out,…


Muddling over Server Certifications…MCSE 2000? MCSE 2003? Longhorn Server?

At the Microsoft Learning booth yesterday at IT Forum (by the way, if you’re in Barcelona and you’re reading this, come by our booth in the Ask the Experts session… we somehow have a basket full of tiny cookies with MCP logos on them–really a ‘don’t miss’…) I got a lot of questions on what…


Microsoft Learning announces distance learning at TechEd

You can check out this Virtual Side interview with our group’s general manager, Lutz Ziob, (who, to my discomfiture, is always nice enough to try and speak German with me when we run into each other in the lunchroom…) about Microsoft Learning’s new distance learning product called MODL: “As part of the Microsoft Learning Customer Readiness Promise, the…


This just in: Male IT Pro Startled in Ladies Restroom at TechEd

The ladies and gents powder rooms at the Barcelona conference center share a common main door, then ladies go left, men go right. This man obviously had his head in his conference guide and missed that critical signage. When he came out of his stall and found three of us (girls) washing up at the counter,…


Pre-TechEd Highlights: Spanish NASCAR and tipping with Vista

my two favorite things about being in Barcelona for TechEd are as follows.  1. yesterday we took a train out to Circuit de Catalunya to have a beer and watch some auto racing. before we even entered the stands or could see the cars, i was eyeing the Circuit de Catalunya merchandise… a Spanish NASCAR t-shirt seems superior,…


I’m in Barcelona and I can’t sleep.

I’m in Barcelona for TechEd IT Forum, and, apparently, I can’t sleep. Earlier I had dinner with Matt (who runs the team at Microsoft Learning that coordinates with the product groups to make sure our training and certification matches to the technology releases) and Sanjay (MSL’s director of planning–where we’re going with courseware, certification, e-learning… the…