Visual Studio 2008 Exam Availability Smackdown!

Something I learned at TechEd is that if you call anything a “smackdown” it seems cool, and less boring than if you do not call it that. There was some session called the Mobility Smackdown, and it seemed like everyone was all amped about it. So, from now on, all of my sessions will be…


Check your possums at the door

On Wednesday next week I’ll arrive in Sydney for TechEd Australia. It will be fun, I think! This is what I’m talking about—different than what was listed in the session tool, originally, now so please help spread the word: Windows Server 2008 Certifications (plus Bells and Whistles): 75 minutes. Find out how to certify your…


Get your possums sorted

Hullo. Are you going to these TechEds? I am. TechEd Australia will have a certification test center, I understand, so start studying, you only have a month left. Note: The only other time I was in Australia, I was attacked by a possum (see Figure 1) at Manly beach. Australia: Please get your possums sorted…


Coatsie is 1 in 647

One announcement and two notes.  a1. At TechEd Australia, we gave hats to people who passed exams on site… then we took a group photo on the last day. A group certified photo might sound a little odd, but it actually was one of the most fun things we did all day. As soon as I…



a few more things to report from TechEd gold coast. If you are reading this and you have your MCTS: Vista or MCTS: Exchange will you send me an e-mail? I’d like to do a fishbowl interview with you tomorrow (Friday) so people can find out that it is just one exam to earn those…


ask the, er, "expert"

If you are in gold coast, australia, as I am, and have nothing on tonight from 7, come say hello to me at ATE. I’ll be in the Soft Stuff section (?! for reals?). Also, please ask me all your difficult questions, give shouty or angry feedback, or rant at me tonight – so we…


community forums (+btw, eat my blog, pls k thx)

We just published an update to our community page–it now points to a bunch of forums y’all suggested as good place to talk about and learn about certification from your peers. This is meant to be a good place for new-to-cert people to start. Be nice to them. If you have other suggestions, let us know….


Info for the half-person attending TechEd Australia

There are 2000ish customers attending TechEd Australia. Probably .00025 of those customers have read my blog. I’m no mathematician, but I think that means that 1/2 of one person might care what I’m about to poast, but I’m excited, so I’ll put it here anyway. I’m in Gold Coast, Australia. TechEd starts tomorrow and the great team…


MCT/MVP Influencer party at TechEd Australia

If you are an MVP and/or MCT attending TechEd Australia, check out Jeff’s blog for info on an Influencer Party some generous sponsors are hosting <note: I am not one of said generous sponsors>. Whut!??!


Don’t mind me,

but you might want to get your little travel-tracker notebooks out: this lady’s going to TechEd in Australia in August, and then to the event in New Zealand the following week. I’ll be helping with certification-related stuff and cabana talks and answering MCP questions and what not. if you are going to be there, and you are an MCP,…