Crunked in 18?

This just in: there is a half-empty bottle of Gewürztraminer next to the sink in the ladies restroom, 3rd North, building 18, Microsoft main campus. I can’t help but feel that someone is having more fun at work than I am. 


TechEd Update: Dude in the Ladies

I just followed an orange-polo-shirt clad young man <possibly a representative of the Partner Program?!?> well in to the depths of the ladies room. When he reached the stalls, he slowed, then stopped abruptly when he noticed me, a girl (!!!!), close on his heels. Then he fled. Find last year’s TechEd restroom coverage, if you’re interested, here.


More IT Forum Restroom News: Ladies in the Mens

One of my MSL co-horts, Matt Carter (afore-mentioned guy in charge of working with product groups to align the training and certifications we develop with release of technologies…) was telling me yesterday that he, too, had a surprising restroom experience (see my earlier post), wherein a lady came out of the men’s room. It turns out,…


This just in: Male IT Pro Startled in Ladies Restroom at TechEd

The ladies and gents powder rooms at the Barcelona conference center share a common main door, then ladies go left, men go right. This man obviously had his head in his conference guide and missed that critical signage. When he came out of his stall and found three of us (girls) washing up at the counter,…