SQL Server 2008 certifications

Just reminding you that we’re doing a live meeting in two days to review (and update you) on our SQL Server 2008 certifications. This will be good for people new to certification, because we’ll explain the certs that are available and how to get them. For those of you with an MCDBA or SQL 2005 cert,…


A few more bits from the SharePoint live meeting

This poast has two things in it. The Q&A from the SharePoint meeting that some of you have requested. There’s not much here, and it hasn’t been edited or proofed, she disclaims wildly. These fast-typed, Live Meeting answers don’t always have the full picture–so consider yourself warned. Point out anything that looks particularly fishy. Your…


Get to Know SQL Server 2008 Certifications

We’ve posted information about SQL Server 2008 certifications – and the related prep guides – to our site. Hope you find it helpful; let us know if anything is amiss. Don’t forget that Jeff will be at TechEd Developers talking about all of this next week in Orlando, and Gerry’s on his blog. They are…


You might not care, but:

As follow up to my fascinating poast about TechReady, our technical training event in Seattle for worldwide Microsoft field employees, here is a fascinating mini-post-show report. TechReady Mini-Report MSFT employees took 1,538 exams at the certification center run, in excellent fashion, by the Prometric team. Top five most popular were: 70-620: TS: Configuring Windows Vista…


Server 2008 certification Live Meeting

Here is the recording I promised: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/eventsnew/view?id=msft120507lm_am&pw=AET789&cn= (jump to minute 4). Tomorrow I’ll poast a summary and some FAQ from the meeting. In about 10 days, the slides and transcribed speaker notes will be posted on the MCP site for you all to download and use for user groups, or IT meetings, or on dates, or whatever….


what’s new, MCPussycat

Hello. Apparently, even with YT out of the office, people were still able to accomplish things at MIcrosoft. Though this damages my sense of self-worth and hurts my feelings a little, I won’t stop you from hearing the new bits, as follows: Lifecycle policies for new generation (that I poasted about earlier) are now official on the microsoft.com/learning…


Welcome kits for recently released certifications

In my role as MCP Aggravation Manager, I’m doing my best to think of new things to poast that will annoy certified professionals across the land and inspire a flood of angry commentary (and occasional intimation that I do not stand up to my pet cat*). Here’s my next stab. Delay in Welcome Kit Shipments: If you recently placed an order via…


Want to be a technical author?

My friends Linda and Ken from the Microsoft Press team presented a lunch session at TechEd on How to Become a Technical Author. For those of you with technical authoring aspirations but unable to attend said session, I’m poasting a somewhat unreliable mini-summary here. Ken agreed to host a Live Meeting version of the whole session in coming…


N.T.T.N.: straight bloggin’

My Microsoft Learning Neighbor to the North (NTTN) colleague, Jennifer, is a guest bloggette on Microsoft’s Canadian IT pro site…her topic is “certification,” perhaps you’ve heard of it? While you’re there, be sure to read her bio at the bottom of the poast, it is funny. PS two notes for those of you tracking my travel plans: a reminder…


Punchline + Longhorn Upgrade Exam Offer Q&A

So, a booth babe and a geek walk in to a bar after a Longhorn preview. While waiting to be seated, the geek says, “Damn, what a great Server!” The booth babe, looking impatient, says “Server?! We haven’t even gotten a table yet!” ALTERNATE ENDING: …the geek smiles at a female geek at the bar and says, “Wow! Server!” The…