o hai

Oh, hi. Is this thing still on? I haven’t been on vacation, actually. I’ve just been working non-stop for a few weeks on my first LOLcat. Oh, hi. That’s right. I’m all up in your reader, giving you the business. 


Coatsie is 1 in 647

One announcement and two notes.  a1. At TechEd Australia, we gave hats to people who passed exams on site… then we took a group photo on the last day. A group certified photo might sound a little odd, but it actually was one of the most fun things we did all day. As soon as I…


New policies for MCP communications

Based on my learnings from this year (we just finished our fiscal ’07), I have instituted a few new policies for MCP communications. You know how we feature real MCPs in the MCP newsletter, with their picture, and profile, and what not? So I approve a guy from Mexico with a headline celebrating–he told us–a famous…


Everyone’s Panties Are In a Bunch: Vista Beta Exam 71-620

The word on the street is that lots of people were disappointed about missing the beta for exam 70-620: Windows Vista, Configuring; the “big Vista” exam (in its beta state, the number is 71-620). We’re sorry if you are one of those people–we’d love to have everyone interested get to participate but unfortunately we can’t pull it off….