More on the Certified Master programs from me, Per, the program owner…

Hi All, As Trika pointed out we just announced the Microsoft Certified Master programs at TechEd (Press info on it here). Based on some great conversations I’ve been having in several places across this vast ole’ internet, we thought it’d be a good idea to consolidate some of the information, provide a bit more behind…


Punch to Head: More Pleasant than MCA Review?

I think these posts on the actual process of applying for and sitting your panel review for Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) are interesting. There is good reason that the MCA has such a great reputation–it is a pretty thorough process… Richard was at Microsoft when he went through his early-days MCA process (he passed) Congratulations to Natasha…


Microsoft Certified Architect

If you missed Sondra’s update on the MIcrosoft Certified Architect program, you can now watch the recording that is available here. Or you can skim my notes from her TechEd session.


Hallucination vs. Vision

The TechEd session on the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program, presented by Sondra from my team, was HOT (red font! on purpose! can you tell I’m using Live Writer?). Although we are doing this same session next week via Live Meeting (register here), I took notes to share with those who couldn’t make it. Here are said notes….


Update on the MCA program, June 20 Live Meeting

MCP Live Meeting: 1 Year In – An Update on Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) As you may know, the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) credential is not your every day certification. Candidates are required to present to a Review Board rather than sit for an exam and are overseen by previously certified architects during the application and…


for IT architects (or aspiring)

“At the end of the day, no matter what technologies, vendors or methodologies are utilized, all IT architects must address very difficult questions for a successful solution. Fifty years ago, today and fifty years from now,  IT architects will still need to address these difficult questions. The Perspective-based Architecture (PBA) Method focuses on capturing those questions from…


I have no idea what you’re talking about. Seriously.

“Is ADSI edit still going to be available in 2007?”  “…Stand-by Cluster Replication (SCR), coming in SP1?” “Using the AD GUI and the Ex GUI we couldn’t locate the location in the folder tree…We ultimately used a 3rd party tool (adfind) to locate the file path…” “imap and pop settings don’t seem to be available…


Rescheduled: First Session of February 21 MCA-led Exchange Live Meeting

If you registered for the February 21 Scott Andersen meeting (just the first session, at 7:30 AM PST), you should have received an e-mail saying that the meeting has been rescheduled for one week later, on February 28. Sorry for the inconvenience… but we decided it would be better to wait one week and have…


MCA review boards in India and my top three anthems for 2007

Andy Ruth, the program manager for the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program (you might know him from the newsgroups? or perhaps you know him because he’s one of the world’s top 14 people of all-time?) is heading out to India for our second round of MCA board reviews over there (the first time was last February). I’ll…


What do you think of: architect Live Meetings for microsoft certified professionals

We’re kicking around the idea of asking Microsoft Certified Architects (about 70 people are MCAs, to date) to host MCP-only talks on whatever is on their mind… or whatever you want to hear about. The idea would be to have one meeting per month from these well known, high-level architects host Live Meetings for IT pro and…