SQL Server 2008 live meeting recording

Hi, here’s the recording from Wednesday’s live meeting: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/lmevents/view?id=MSFT082708AMlm&pw=ATT11813. Choose the Live Meeting replay version, not the hi-fi one. Thanks for showing up. Thanks Jeff for presenting! Trika


SQL Server 2008 certifications

Just reminding you that we’re doing a live meeting in two days to review (and update you) on our SQL Server 2008 certifications. This will be good for people new to certification, because we’ll explain the certs that are available and how to get them. For those of you with an MCDBA or SQL 2005 cert,…


Oh, sorry.

That was actually a Rick Astley video. Here is the right link for the recording from the Microsoft Certified Master meeting. And here are the slides (not transcribed). And, here is a related article that was just published in TechRepublic: So you think you qualify for the Microsoft Certified Master Program. For those of you…


Get in on the action: SharePoint certifications

I’m going to type up some of the things John and J talked about in this morning’s SharePoint certification Live Meeting. My report will be from my non-IT perspective, so you might find this over-simplified, too elementary, or way beneath you. If that is the case, consider that I might be feigning a lack of…


braindumps and whatnot

Hi, here is the recording link from last week’s anti-piracy, anti-cheat meeting with Peggy Crowley.


70-536 prep session

Thanks you guys for coming to the prep session with Susan yesterday, even if you weren’t listening. Please read this – I know from the number of questions on it we haven’t done a good job explaining: Does 536 cover .NET 2.0 content or 3.5 content? 70-536 is focused on measuring your skills and knowledge…


Cram session for 70-640

Thanks for coming to the meeting. This recording is an exam objectives review (not a technical training) to help you understand, in depth, what the exam will cover and tips on how to prepare. Watch the recording Download the slides IF YOU ARE AN MCSA OR MCSE ON WINDOWS SERVER 2003, remember that you do…


Start studying for 70-620

If I do say so myself, this morning’s cram session with Zach Niemann was great. Thanks for coming, all of you. Here’s the link to the recording (one hour). I’d choose the "Microsoft Office Live Meeting Replay" version (the other one doesn’t show me any slides). Start at minute 6 to hear from Zach. Here’s…


Cram sessions next week

Argh, I just have heard that some people who tried to register yesterday were denied. If that was you – I’m sorry. I’ve been told we’ve reset our registration limits to ‘unlimited’ so hopefully no one will get shut out again. I’m glad so many people want to come. Cram for Exam 70-620: Windows Vista,…


I am a bad friend

If you missed the Certification 101 live meeting, you can watch the recording here. I’m sorry it took me so long to post this. We talk about: value and benefits of Microsoft Certification (IT pro and developer only) what the certifications are called and what your options are preparing for your exam after you’ve figured…