braindumps and whatnot

Hi, here is the recording link from last week’s anti-piracy, anti-cheat meeting with Peggy Crowley.


The Best Dumps One Can Imagine.

You may have noticed that people post to the certification newsgroups asking where to find “braindumps,” word exam cheat sheets, etc. This could be because they don’t know better, or use the term differently*, or they might really be looking for a shortcut. In any case, some MCPranksters tell these people to contact (Microsoft Learning’s anti-piracy team) to request…


Perps On the Run! (or, Issues in Certification I.P.)

Certification is big business these days… and therefore lots of people are looking for ways to capitalize on it, by making money selling plagiarized exam intellectual property (IP) or by cheating on exams to get a short-cut to certification. So, that is not ideal. Microsoft and others do a lot of work to protect certification from braindump providers,…


Protecting the integrity of MS certification

You all know better than I do that cheaters, braindumps, and accidental-cheaters can do damage to the reputation of your hard-earned passing score or certification. Given the number of questions about related topics: how can i tell if a test-prep site is legitimate? why are betas not offered in <fill in the blank> country? does Microsoft ever actually do anything…


Fraud prevention and certification

Mitch has an interesting post and comments on what is being done to prevent fraud/misrepresentation in certification. Check it. I’m sure many of you are already familiar with CertGuard, which is also referenced in Mitch’s post. Along these same lines, we’ve been asked to provide more clarity on the MSFT non-disclosure agreement so the legitimate test-takers of the world are clear about…