This just in: Subscribe for Beta Announcements

At long last, we have a place for you all to find out about beta exams when they are open to the public, without having to read 70 different forums or blogs. Subscribe to this blog (for developer and IT pro exams, both) and you’ll get a notice when one of the planners (Jim, Gerry,…


Old news

You’ve probably seen this elsewhere already, but I keep getting asked about it (that’s reasonable!), so I’ll post the tiny amount of info I have about a few beta exams going on now. I don’t have any more info for you, unfortunately. What you see is what you get. ———————————— 71-654 – TS: Windows Essential…


On beta exams and their vociferous patrons

There is a disproportionate amount of clamoring and piping up about beta exams given how few of you, in the big scheme of things, take them. This leads me to believe that: A) we need to make more information available about betas and/or B) the type of people taking beta exams are the type of…


Register for Beta Exam 71-652: TS: Windows Server Virtualization, Configuring

– copied from an invite – this is all the info i have – You are invited to take beta exam 71-652: TS: Windows Server Virtualization, Configuring. If you pass the beta exam, the exam credit will be added to your transcript and you will not need to take the exam in its released form….


WPF, WCF, Workflow beta exams extended

Developers, if you’re interested in participating in the exam development process for WPF, WCF, or Workflow (and taking a cert exam/earning a certification for free in the process), check it: ·        Not available in China, India, Pakistan ·        No guarantee of a seat! The dates for the following three betas have been extended and you are welcome to…


MCITP beta exams (or, Happy Birthday Tyler)

I have been told that the registration problem for 71-646 and 71-647 has been resolved (we heard you were getting a “this exam has reached its cap” type message, which was lies!). You can find the info on those betas, plus registration codes, here. I thought I already poasted the info above but don’t see it anywhere; if you get this…


The Same Pants

I’m wearing the same pants, for the third day in a row. I hope no one notices. In other news, I have two things to say about beta exams.  Gerry O’Brien posted an explanation of what happens to your comments and feedback on the betas. You can read that here. Thank you, Gerry. When taking…


Keep Clam and Carry On: open now for registration

The Windows Server 2008 MCITP betas (70-646 and 70-647) open on December 21, I think. And invites will go out right round then, so please keep clam. <update December 21> OK, prep guides are live and betas are open for registration now. If WS is your bag, baby, here is the invite information and you are welcome to…


Home Theatre beta invite: Extended to March 31

If you do NOT work with Home Theatre, in a sales or technology role, you will not care about this information. Something else you will not care about is how I just tripped on nothing, and kind of flew through the air in front of this guy Jeff’s office, and I said that’s embarrasing and he said…


Firecracker Disco: WS2008 Betas

Are you sitting down, Windows Server sports racers? Here is the beta information (and live prep guides) for the three Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams, she says, with cautious enthusiasm, bracing for onslaught of questions and collective, beta-related panty bunching. Windows Server betas, sports racers. Good luck! The betas are open now until December 21 at Prometric…