MVPeeps: get your clown on

Hi, I think you MVPs are all in town this week? Come say hi if you’re near the Commons. I’m in Studio E, formerly known as 119, on the first floor in 1274. You can’t miss me. This is the second time I’ve left the house pre-dawn in red shoes and pink tights, thinking I…


My laptop is in Spokane.

I left it under the seat in front of 17C, flying back from LA. When I got off the plane in Seattle tonight, it stayed and flew to Spokane, in eastern Washington. Turns out the laptop will spend the night there, and fly home tomorrow via Fedex. It should have its own little passport and…


I’m an old hand at this.

I was recently informed that I’ve been at Microsoft for five years, all of a sudden. There is a bowl of Tootsie Pops outside my door, five pounds of them. Stop by if you are in Redmond, and pick up a celebratory TP. Your friend, Trika


Let’s get this guy off this rock!

I’m supposed to be in charge of our advertising. That’s a part of my job, now, at Windows Embedded. Sidebar: Windows Embedded makes Windows for specialized devices. When I started this job, most of the advertising planning was done, so alls I had to do was a little project management-type stuff (pointing, shouting, banging fist…


Lamp Attack

I’m sitting in a little cube in the Seattle office. Right behind me, there is a lot of open space, and for some reason there is this lamp that hangs down too low, right in the middle of the open space. I just stood up to get a Diet Coke and hit my head on…


put your paws in the air for our bike shop guy

Maybe you’ve heard that there’s a Commons as part of our new Studios West campus–home of Studio E!!!!–with shops and restaurants and whatnot, including a little bike shop? I’ve already used said shop to buy a helmet when I forgot mine, and some reflective tape when I was heading home late. I just lost a brake…


You do not suffer alone

You know how you hate it when Microsoft renames products every 10 minutes and you have to try and keep up with what you’re supposed to call things? Please know that you do not suffer alone. Our part of campus has just been rebranded to match the new, adjacent Studios West part of campus. As…


Live Meeting: Windows Embedded in Manufacturing

Remember how I used to do Live Meetings all the time? It was very fun. As part of one of the campaigns I work on these days, we’re hosting a Live Meeting about embedded systems in manufacturing operations. If you’re interested in what’s new in manufacturing technologies and where Windows Embedded is involved, you should…


My office is a mess. To wit:

Updated at your request with photographic evidence. Three photos of piles of things:     And one photo of a half-dead plant: I think we’re moving offices again and maybe getting an office mate, so I’ll need to get this tidied up asap. Unrelated: Here is a photo of Walla Walla, Washington.   And here…