Lamp Attack

I’m sitting in a little cube in the Seattle office. Right behind me, there is a lot of open space, and for some reason there is this lamp that hangs down too low, right in the middle of the open space. I just stood up to get a Diet Coke and hit my head on the lamp, for the third time today. The lamp then swings around kind of wildly and I try to walk out like nothing happened and it’s embarrassing. I haven’t seen anyone else run in to it.

I am not sure why this lamp is gunning for me, in particular.

Comments (8)

  1. AspiringGeek says:

    The furniture in many of the Seattle-area offices is much too trendy for my tastes–& I can’t help but think it was over-priced.  Now you’re suggesting it’s carnivorous or at least fond of mayhem.  Frightening.

    Of course, one might wonder how many times it’s going to nail you before you’re able to elude its efforts.  Good luck with that.

  2. Pete Calvert says:

    It’s a secret Windows Embedded project. A webcam lowers the lamp when you look at it (using face recognition) and sensors make it bump in to your head when you get close enough.

    Or it could just be your magnetic personality 😉

  3. Harold says:

    Might we see a picture of this attack lamp?

  4. hfrmobile says:

    Ups … Hope you’re OK? Like to see a picture of this lamp too 😉

  5. MCSE Training says:

    I could actually visualize the picture. Hope you are o.k.

  6. Pete Cooney says:


    You shine so bright it probably is jealous.

  7. Maybe it is a literal LAMP attack (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP)

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