My office is a mess. To wit:

Updated at your request with photographic evidence. Three photos of piles of things:

SNV32190  SNV32191  SNV32188

And one photo of a half-dead plant:


I think we’re moving offices again and maybe getting an office mate, so I’ll need to get this tidied up asap. Unrelated: Here is a photo of Walla Walla, Washington.


And here is a photo of me with my friend Kim at a rodeo in Walla Walla, Washington. More specifically, me standing in front of the chicken strips truck with my friend Kim at a rodeo in Walla Walla.


Comments (12)

  1. Pete Calvert says:

    mine too – bet mine is messier than yours 😉

  2. Benjamin S says:

    How can anyone be an effective "IT Professional" and have a clean office?  I haven’t seen one yet!

  3. Louis says:

    Y’all ain’t got no mermaids either? I can’t catch not one. I think they really went extinct on us. Oh boy!

  4. Mick says:

    where is the foto to back up this claim

  5. Peter Read says:

    No proof.  I bet the office is spotless, like something out of "good housekeeping magazine", & Trika’s just trying to join in with the cool kids as she knows we all have to swim to our chairs 🙂

  6. says:

    I’m not sure why I responded to your challenge; it seems a little self-defeating to try and prove how gross you are….

  7. Pete Calvert says:

    You can still see the carpet and portions of the desktop – you aren’t trying hard enough Trika 😉

  8. K-Money says:

    So it looks like you are the one hording all the scissors!!


    aka Kevin

  9. Jeff Guillet says:

    I noticed the "Certified by Chuck Norris" hat casually tossed into the bookcase in the first photo.  Do you think Chuck would approve?

  10. Martin says:

    Hi Trika,

    you guys at Microsoft do waste separation?

    And is it still true that all of you have to pass a PowerPoint exam every year?


    Kind regards,


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