And then something bad happened.

You might recall that I've been excited to attend our partner summit in Zhu Hai, China, to hang out with my team and our partners. 

I got back online in Hong Kong yesterday after my mini-break to learn that my manager missed her China flights, so I'd be doing her presentation at the summit. She's really organized and reliable and I know she felt awful about it; I sent her some 'don't worry, it happens, buck up' messages and headed to catch the ferry from Hong Kong to the mainland, for the meeting.

And then something bad happened. 

In the cab, one of my colleagues pointed out that my China visa had a conspicuous black marker line through the middle of it; that, in fact:

  • My visa was a single entry visa

  • I'd used that single entry for my mini-break

  • And I couldn't go to China again for the meeting.

Even though Hong Kong is now (as of late 90s, right?) back to China, it's still pretty separate for all practical purposes in the travel department. Apparently. You go through immigration, get stamped, etc. when going between the two, and you have to a multiple entry visa to go back and forth. I think I knew this but just didn't put it all together when jumping through all the visa application hoops in getting ready for this trip.

So I'm back at my hotel in Hong Kong, feeling like a total dumbass and reading a 'don't worry, it happens, buck up' message from my manager, while someone else has to do our presentations. I've applied for a new, express visa and if it shows up in a few hours, I'll make it to Zhu Hai tonight in time for some late night karaoke and some stuff tomorrow. I feel just sick about it, havnig come all this way. It's so dumb. And no amount of dim sum or tea served in pots is making me feel any better.   

Comments (7)

  1. hartplaza says:

    Once, back in te States, you and you’r manager will look back to this, and laugh about it.

    And over many years, you will have a great story to tell your (grand)children, when you tell them how things where back in 2009.

  2. anonymouse says:

    You’re really organized and reliable and we know you feel awful about it.

    Also, brave enough to tell the world!

  3. Liza says:

    oof!  I agree with hartplaza, though, you’ll have something to look back on and laugh!  For best dramatic impact it helps that you were the second person who couldn’t get to China.  Third would have been even better!

  4. This has "Locked Up Abroad" written all over it.

  5. Jimmy May says:

    In spite of the signs posted all around, "It is Forbidden to Climb the Pyramid", in the midst of my misspent youth I climbed the Great Pyramid of Cheops.  I was detained.  I had visions of Midnight Express…  I am glad, that you, like I, have survived to tell the tale.

  6. Trika says:

    Hi, thanks for the notes. All worked out in the end. And, I lied a little… the tea in pots DID make me feel a little better!

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