Roadkill mitigation system (or, Windows Embedded at the Imagine Cup)

Windows Embedded is a sponsor of the Imagine Cup, have you heard of it? If not, Ye Olde Cup is a big MIcrosoft competition for students to build great stuff using Microsoft technologies. It’s been around for seven years, there are sick prizes involved, and really smart students from around the world participate.  There are nine divisions…


Bring cheer bars for making sounds!

Mini-update of no value whatsoever: I did make it to both Zhu Hai, finally, and now Taipei (on time, for once) for the summits. Which is nice. Things are wrapping up tomorrow and I’ve got an evening to do something fun before I get back on my plane. I think baseball is a big whoop…


you don’t need a visa to go bowling (registration site live)

In other news, we’re having a party at TechEd, maybe you’d like to come? Windows Embedded is hosting a party to get the embedded and application developer communities mingling… Invitees are embedded developers, our partners, and staff… plus another crowd near and dear to my heart: certified developers. The thought is that there’s a lot of overlap…


And then something bad happened.

You might recall that I’ve been excited to attend our partner summit in Zhu Hai, China, to hang out with my team and our partners.  I got back online in Hong Kong yesterday after my mini-break to learn that my manager missed her China flights, so I’d be doing her presentation at the summit. She’s…


Ye Olde Smart Pill

I never told you who won the SPARK contest I was on about earlier. ‘Twas Doug Conn, creator of the ‘Smart Pill’ medication dispenser, who took home the honors and the $15,000 grand prize. I think that’s great. Here’s a story about the announcement and Doug and Jason, the runner up. I think they’ll both be in…


New Favorite Device

I have a new favorite device! It is the Sapporo dispenser at the Northwest Airlines lounge in Tokyo Narita. You press a button and things start tilting and pouring and the next thing is you’re sipping from an icy glass, eating edamame and lounging in a little chair. I don’t know what just happened but I love…


Get on the Bus

I’m sure you’ve all seen this ‘3 butts, 1 seat’ scenario to decide who gets to go on the Get on the Bus Microsoft Learning trip to TechEd? I think it’s very cute. And J’s is my favorite. That guy.


Mini-Poll: Hilarity v. Nausea

If you were to see a profile photo like this (in someone’s TechEd Connect profile, for example) what would you think is happening? Would you think they were:   A. Covering their mouth in a fit of hilarity   B. Being suffocated from behind by a mysterious attacker   C. Fighting to control nausea Please…


Eating Cup-o-Noodle in LA

I’ll be in Los Angeles, California for TechEd 2009, doing Embedded things instead of certification things this year. I’m glad it worked out that I still get to go. I know travel budget is a killer for most people this year, but I hope to see you anyway, even if you’re sleeping on the show-floor,…