Everybody makes mistakes

Yesterday, right before my mid-year performance review with my manager, I spilled hot coffee ON my manager.

<Update, March 27> Manager unharmed/I still have a job. Appreciate your concern!

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  1. knolan@rfmd.com says:

    That’s not a good way to stay employed.  I know you want to be remembered, but not like that.  So how is your new office, have you settled in nicely?  I am glad you kept your head down when the AXE started swinging at MS.  You need to blog more and what I mean by that is when you blog include more content.  They are getting a bit anorexic.  Have fun!


  2. Scott says:

    I agree with Kevin.  I miss seeing the number of blogs and the amount of content in each.  I read so much tech jargon its nice to have a reality check and know I’m not an island in a sea of geeks.

  3. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    I know, it’s lame. I’m lame! I’d like to write about my new business, but I can’t write things I don’t know about without vetting it and researching it so I don’t get my group in trouble or look like an ass who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. But maybe I’ll try and make time.

    K-money: my new office is really nice! But I need to unpack and get organized; it’s pathetic.

    Scott, maybe you ARE an island? If so, maybe you are Vashon Island? If so, I love you.

  4. Tim Carson says:

    Remember to point out to the boss that performance reviews are based on the /entire/ period…not just the past couple of weeks.

    Of course…that rule may be disregarded if blistering occurs, not sure…

    Miss you!


  5. I am so sorry Trika, that my first response… was laughter.

    I know if it happened to me, I’d probably laugh.


    That’d be the quick Trika manner to handle the situation!

    Though, we do need some content out of you! tell us about the exciting stuff you are doing! No need to super-vet… you can make it up, we all know you’re really working on the special "Space Trika" project, so anything will do 🙂

  6. knolan@rfmd.com says:

    Well can you tell us more about the trials of working with embedded and thin client work stations?  As things become more virtual users we are starting to see a resurgence in the use of thin clients for a low cost solution to upgrading desktop systems.

    ~Kevin aka K-Money

  7. Wayne Anderson says:

    Fire trika and I will send my army of gnome minions to dance in a somewhat threatening and creepy manner around your office!!

    …. or just make more vague threats with semi-humorous mental images I cannot back up!

  8. Tim Carson says:

    Hopefully he wasn’t wearing the Digital Pants!


  9. Jigan Shah says:

    did he ask for cream and sugar; was he fine only with hot coffee?

    how was your performance review, did you get MS hot coffee incentives?

  10. Ben says:

    Hey Trika, you totally need to get on the twitter-train….


  11. brain says:

    Stuff happens, the important think is what we do after.  Hopefully, the boss didn’t take it the wrong way and you can both move on.

    Look forward to reading some of you good posts.. been a little quiet lately.  

  12. Not K-Money says:

    I spilled hot coffee on my boss once right before my review.  First I apologized.  Then I told him there was a fresh pot on the coffeemaker if I didn’t like the review.

    Good thing I’m certified.  It made it easier to get another job after that.

  13. Tim Carson says:

    I’m concerned…we have not heard from Trika since "The Day After Coffee".


  14. Tom says:

    I must say that makes it a little harder to impress the boss!

    On a side note, last year on my birthday, I arrived at work to be greeted by the HR person with paperwork for me to go do a drug test. Nothing says Happy Birthday like a random drug test!

  15. hfrmobile says:


    I am also concerned … but I think that such a "mistake" shouldn’t be a reason to fire a valuable employee …


  16. knolan@rfmd.com says:

    Wow its almost been a month.  Trikah you still there?  We hope you are.


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