keep up, lady.

This morning I parked in the 117 garage and rode the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Soon after, I made my way to the first floor of building 119, which is, as you might recall, where I work. 

Comments (7)

  1. Tim Carson says:

    At least you didn’t go jiggle the door knob to the old office.


  2. Brett Chapman says:

    So of course, you picked up some random pieces of paper and then told everyone that you had to retrieve a document that you had inadvertently left behind…

  3. says:

    Brett, I DID have to retrieve a document. Because I’m totally not, like, an airhead, or whatever.

  4. Sasa K. says:

    Oh, we miss you, Trika… sigh…

  5. says:

    Why, were you looking for me in 117?

    Just kidding. I miss you guys, too.

  6. Dear Lord,

    Please hear our prey..(bla bla bla),,, and give us Trika back, she belongs to the MCP’s!

    Trika I never had the change to thank you for the Certified Geek caps, THANK YOU! I look really geek wearing it.

  7. WallyTgoat says:

    Auto Pilot…  Have done that once or twice while driving, usually happens when I am really into a podcast or something.  

    The sad bit is I actually missed a midterm exam because of this "phenomenon".  I started out on the way to school, but ended up at my front door… DOH!  Oddly when I relayed the story to my instructor he was like… "Yeah I have done that too… Come back on Thursday and take the exam."

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