Everybody makes mistakes

Yesterday, right before my mid-year performance review with my manager, I spilled hot coffee ON my manager. <Update, March 27> Manager unharmed/I still have a job. Appreciate your concern!


keep up, lady.

This morning I parked in the 117 garage and rode the elevator to the 3rd floor. Soon after, I made my way to the first floor of building 119, which is, as you might recall, where I work. 


Settled in to the Ivory Tower

And by ivory tower, I mean first-floor, putty-walled offices on 148th in Redmond, Washington. The movers did their usual slick job getting all the things plugged in to the right outlet in the right office and I’m all settled in to 119. It’s office 1274, should you wish to call on me. The move is…


Stop Clicking Your Pen

I’m in a coffee shop trying to get some work done, and the woman next to me is clicking her pen maniacally. I’m losing my reason. What do you do with this? Microsoft public relations training–where they teach you to respond to even the most offensive question or trying situation with a smile and a…


Windows Embedded is a part of Microsoft

I’d like to blog about my new gig, but I don’t really know very much. But maybe you know less than I do? So I’ve decided to share tiny, semi-accurate nuggets of Windows Embedded-related information with you. Nugget 1. Windows Embedded is a part of Microsoft. It is the part that makes operating systems for…


What makes you an MCP influencer?

I just got an e-mail from my friend Ian in Microsoft Learning; he wanted me to let you know that there’s a new Second Shot-and-career-assistance offer on now. Check it. In related news, here is an old MSL photo I just came across; I think the banner in the background is funny. Q&A Q. What…


Keep your grubby mitts off of my crates

Everyone is running around scrounging for packing crates because we have to be moved out of our offices by 3pm today. My team, the Windows Embedded team, is moving from building 117 to building 119, so I’m packing up. Building 119, I’ll have you know, is exactly like building 117, but 30 yards north. No…


Steady chasing paper

I’m still here working at Microsoft Corp. Do you guys still have jobs? We lost a friend from the Tick. I’m no economist, but I’ll tell you that it probably sucks if you lose your job. I hope you, especially those of you in countries who are getting the worst side of this thing, are…