From the Window, to the Wall

Remember back in the day when I moved to a window office? I was flying high in 18 back then, staring at the clouds, doodling hearts, poppin bottles, rollin on dubs. But its a new economy, people. And by new economy I mean I now share an office and face a little white wall.

The upside of this arrangement is that my wall is a very pleasant wall, my office mate--Doreen--is a treat, and if you're drinking Patron on ice for 8 hours a day (like I do in my new job), a wall looks pretty much as good as a window.


Is this thing on?

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  1. Patron XO Cafe rocks… And the boss never knows the difference. Unless you accidently put it in his coffee cup thinking it was yours and he drinks it… oops.

  2. Pierre says:

    hi Trika,

    first of all this thing is definitively ON 🙂

    second, you’ll always have your little windows on the world with your blog so, event if the landscape is far from breathtaking, we’ll work on it so it keeps a smile on your face like you’ve been doing for a while with us!

    i think it’s time for a photo sharing thingie here, so WE can send you some alternative landscapes to pin on your wall.

    a friend of mine just accepted a defense mission, and they took away the windows, the fun and the internet out of his daily routine…so, a wall, i mean a clean one, is not that bad…even if it doesn’t cheer you up that much, i have to agree 🙂

    have a nice day, and a nice week and like a good friend of mine said back in venezuela ‘no se rindan, carajo!’*

    *never surrender, dam it!

    keep up smiling at your friends and look at the bright side of your life, just ignore the details that intend to keep the sunny side of life shady.

    best regards from a freeeeeezing Paris, pin that one to the wall, make a statement!


  3. Hey Trika, have a wonderful thanksgiving this week!

    I may be days early, but this thing is most definitely on!

  4. Benjamin S says:

    Even though you have moved to a new position I believe I speak for many when I say we still love to see ANY post from you!  If there is a way to share pictures in the future let us know.  It’s always better with pictures.

  5. Mike B says:

    Walls are underrated, enjoy! 😉

  6. Well its no surprise that your taste in tequila is impeccable.

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