That damn sandwich


It's up to $71.00, now, that bologna sandwich I've been sweatin'. These Microsoft high-rollers are out of my league! Take your sandwich, man. I'm out.

Sidebar: I'm still in for the corvette.

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  1. WallyTgoat says:

    That is one mean bologna sandwich…  If you get a chance show pics.   Just he same charity is a good thing even if you are left holding a brown paper sack with a loving prepped Oscar Myer original.

  2. Bryant Likes says:

    The image is on the internal site so it doesn’t show up. I guess I could RAS in..

  3. Diego Shimohama says:

    The url reffers for a internal URL =(

  4. Trika says:

    Sorry, I’m so lame. Now can you see that damn sandwich? Hope so. TDS is now like $180. Damn!

    @MD, I do like the look of that lobster, for sure. Will check it out.

    Still in for the ‘Vette! I’m so excited.

  5. TDS looks mighty tasty. For $180 it better not come prebitten.

  6. Diego Shimohama says:

    Trika it is working.

    I meet the Steve Riley on TechEd Brazil =)

    I saw him first time in a interview by you!


  7. Trika says:

    That’s cool, Diego. I’m glad–he’s good, right? I enjoy his presentations a lot.

  8. No longer MCP MKT? Windows Embedded it is!

    MCPs will miss you!

  9. Suzy says:

    So did you win anything?

    How much did you raise with your donations?

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