Oh, you.

Thank you for all the very nice e-mails and comments and good-lucks. I really appreciate it. You guys are great.


Some of you, like Pollerunner, have asked things like this: "Where are we now going to get this informantion?"

Lots of official and informal places provide the information I was posting.... my blog was just kind of a random mix. The first thing I want to point out is a new Microsoft Learning blog run by my friends here on the community and evangelism team.

These are the owners of the certification programs and your community and, in the words of my friend Ken, this blog will provide "Insight into the inner workings of our MCP and MCT communities, by the team responsible for the Microsoft Certified experience from the moment you pass your first exam....you'll see all of us <Ken, Dana, Sarah, Tjeerd, Bill, and Joanne> participating here, sharing the things we're working on, looking for some input and feedback from you guys, sharing the cool resources we come across, and spotlighting the great people we meet in our communities."

I really recommend that you subscribe to Born to Learn.

Ask Ken why it's called Born to Learn, while you're over there.

The first stop for MCP, certification, or exam help continues to be your regional helpdesk: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/support/worldsites.mspx, as you know. The MCP newsletter is still the best, official way to get news about the program and exams: Subscription info. And don't forget the other great bloggers in Microsoft learning--if you get stuck somewhere, check in with one of these people or teams:

While I'm at it, I thought I'd answer some of your other, recent questions, too, in a little Q&A.


A Little Q&A

Q. Arnie asked: You bailed???????
A. Yes!

Q. MDA asked: What the hell? Surressly?
A. Yes!

Q. Warwick James asked, Was it Australia? Was it me?
A. Yes! I don't like pointing fingers, but yes, the country of Australia is to blame. AUSTRALIA!!! <pained cry, shaking fist skyward>

Q. Helmer, in a multi-part question, asked: Will there be a 'new Trikah'?? First Georgeo...now you...who's next?
A1. No. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE TRIKAH!!! No, really, I think there can only be one trikah@microsoft. No, really, I am not sure who/when a new MCP communications manager will be starting... but you'll get all the info you need from our web sites, newsletter, and from my blogging colleagues in the meantime. Subscribe to Born to Learn.
A2. No one leaving, I hope. In fact, the good people are coming to us, it looks like. 

Q. Hunter asked: Travel finally got you, huh?!
A. No. People from Roanoke wearing I heart Live Writer t-shirts finally got to me. Roanoke!!! <shaking fist> And PS thank you for the I heart Live Writer T-shirt, I really like it a lot.

Q. .rev asked: Has it been 2 years already? ๐Ÿ˜‰
A. It has been FOUR! I can't believe it, it's gone so fast. My anniversary was on Saturday Sept 20 (I am not organized enough to know this, myself; my one-time manager Ben just clued me in). On your anniversary, you bring in a pound of M&Ms for every year you've worked here, and leave them outside your door for people to help themselves. Given that my four year anniversary fell directly between an old job and a new job, who benefits from the M&Ms? Do I put the 4 pounds in building 18, for my ex-coworkers who have earned them by putting up with me for four years? Or do I put them in building 117, to schmooze up to new co-workers. Please respond.

Q. Pete Cal asked: will you still get to travel to Tech.Ed? and Tech.Ed Oz?
A. I think I'll be going to a few events, but probably not TechEd. I'm going to pitch to Coatsie that I come back, anyway, maybe to talk about soft skills for geeks. My ideas so far: T-Shirts: More Than Just Black, and, People Don't Know What You're Talking About: How Non-IT Small Talk Can Save Your Social Life. I'll let you know if he goes for it.

Q. Larry asked: Who are we to give our cap suggestions to now?
A. Larry, you know what they say: You can take the girl out of MSL, but you can't take the hat-slogan-suggestion-list off of the girl's blog. Or something.

Q. Multi-parter from Ken W: Who is going to be the new front person for MS certifications?  And will they be as good as you?
A1. The real front people are the certification team... they're still here! As far as a new person in my MCP Communications role, I don't know yet...
A2. No.

Q. Jayson asked: when's the party? where?
A. Banana 010

Q. Rob.au asked: it was the ungracious hospitality of our possums that was the beginning of the end, wasn't it? ๐Ÿ˜›
A. Yes! It was the possums. I just loathe possums. Couldn't stand another day in this job, what with all the possums. Possums!!!!

Q. Pete Cooney asked: Would you rather be eaten by a bear or eaten by crocodile?
A: If the bear was actually a wombat, wearing a bear suit, I'd choose that.


I hope things go really well for you guys. I'll keep you poasted on my new job, for sure. In the meantime, keep in touch, and if you're ever in the 4-2-5, holla at a playa.
Your friend,

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  1. lklein says:

    I couldn’t get that link to work

  2. Trika says:

    lklein, which one?

  3. Julian says:

    So..MS had a talented person with personality as the face of MCP for some time now, and they’re losing yet another talented front-person.  It happens.

    But for me…I was at an impasse trying to figure out which path, I’m taking your leaving as a sign: I’m taking my MCITP:EA and holding it for awhile, and switching gears and going CCIE for my next cert.  In my network architect roles I’ve never pursued any "architect" certs, maybe after CCIE I’ll return and see if MCP program properly got the workplace to value the MCM/MCA certs (of which a ton of money are required to pursue).  Honestly, come on, how can these certs become a touchstone for the network-architecture areas of the MCP program, when changes like this are occurring?  It will be up to MS to really keep this program as interesting as you have Trikah.  You took info from various disjoined areas in the MCP program and compiled it on one blog, and you had a flair for explaining things in a helluva fun way.  Nobody else had done that since I got my first MCP in 1998.  So your way of getting the word out on certs WILL be missed.  ๐Ÿ™  

    For now, I’ll be over at Cisco’s edu page for awhile finishing that IE cert, watching with curiosity and hoping the MCP program continues to extend value to their network arch related certs, and finds someone with personality and energy to deliver the info on cert changes, etc.

  4. Benjamin S says:

    I should have met the famous Trika at TechEd when I had the chance.  Good luck at your new position, and knock on a few heads to make sure we’re informed!

  5. Wesc says:


    Never mind what I said in the Oh Dear post. As god-emperor of mankind, I forbid it. A black ops assault team has been mobilized from my secret underground HQ.

    I have spoken.

  6. I knew it was more than 2 years. I was making a joke. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mats says:

    I cant believe it. I take a two week vacation and when I get back I learn that the world has changed?

    Thank you so very much Trika. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and attend the live meetings. This blog is AFAIK the only truly entertaining (read "sticky") blog on msdn space. I will continue reading the msl blog instead, but I will miss reading your entries.

    Best of luck, and thanks!

    /Mats from Sweden

  8. Oh, just by the way, for those of us that have never seen you. Would you please post a picture of your face?

  9. Warwick James says:

    Trika is notoriously shy of the camera, yet here we have a picture, so you can put a lovely smiling face to the name –



  10. Wesc says:

    Trika’s in a few stills on some of the mcp live meeting recordings too, iirc.

    But this pic’s all about the great smile. It’s one of those infectious smiles that de-crankifies people even before they’ve had their coffee. Thanks for the gander, Warwick.

  11. Trika says:

    I just posted some pictures here, Mats: http://blogs.msdn.com/trika/archive/2008/09/04/just-had-a-tim-tam.aspx. It’s not particularly exciting – but there you have it. Sorry we never got to meet in person!

    WJ, I’m not at all camera shy, actually. I love pictures and being in them! I’m pictures-all-over-the-internet shy, is what it is. How about that!!!

  12. Trika says:

    PS WJ and Wesc thanks for the nice words

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