Am I the last person to see this

The shoe circus with Bill Gates?

And, am I the only person to get locked in the accessible* restroom at the Sydney conference center, minutes before her chalk talk? Perhaps the only presenter at TechEd who found herself calling for help and rattling the wheelchair-wide sliding door in panicked fashion?

In my experience, it is difficult to be an ambassador for Microsoft when you are locked in a toilet.

I promised to post some follow up stuff for people who came to my little chalk talks, like what to expect when you take an exam for the first time, dates for all of the Visual Studio 2008 exams, the PPTs, etc - will do so in a bit. Remind me if there was something else I was supposed to do, too. Stand by.


* Really?

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  1. Leo says:

    Yes i think you are…well maybe not

  2. Dale Braun says:

    …and because there are so many men and so few women at TechEd, it took you hours to get someone to come to your aid…

    If you were a man, at the first call for help (not that you’d call for help, since that’s not manly), 27 cellphone cameras would have been aimed at your stall door, followed immediately by raucously derisive laughter… minutes later, the video (uploaded to YouTube and worldwide blogs) garners its millionth hit and is featured in MSNBC’s Clicked column.  And if you were a man, you’d be SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of this!  Of course, it’d still take you hours to get out of the stall, because all the guys rolling on the (icky) floor wouldn’t help you until all their friends had had a chance to see your predicament.

    Jammed if you do, jammed if you don’t.

  3. Pete C says:


    Well what else would be written instead? What word would you use?

  4. Come on, tell us how you got out. Did you crawl on the floor? Escape through the ceiling? Claw through the door?

  5. Trika says:

    Leo, has this happened to you?

    Dale, good point. It’s nice to be a lady at TechEd

    Pete (hi pete!!!! miss you!!!) I would use a word like "One-way accessible" or "Hotel California Toilet" or something

    MD, the door eventually opened, in some inexplicably backwards fashion. No assistance required.

  6. Bor-ing. Let’s change the story to: "The lock stuck just as the toilet was overflowing! I used my cat-like acrobatic skills to vault over the top of the stall before swimming away to saftey."

    There we go. Fixed. 😉

  7. Eric D says:

    Have you seen this one then?

    It made me smile very much. ( I cannot laugh out loud in the classroom when students are working…)

  8. Trika says:

    Hi, hadn’t seen it, no! but now i have. everyone’s talking about those – kind of half and half on people liking them. I do. I like Bill Gates and I like Gerry S so it’s hard not to like the mini movies.

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