Just had a Tim Tam

And I'm humming a little song about how it's nice in Australia, when you have a Tim Tam, and you might see a wombat on the weekend. Mmm-hm.

Updated Sept 30 with some pictures/

IMG_2510Excom team in New Zealand

orlando Two MCITP: US History Majors in Orlando

DSC01494 Fermin in Barcelona (how are you, Fermin?)

Trika_Coozy At TechReady in Seattle

joey A joey in a pouch!! It is so cute. These are some kangaroos just out doing their thing at my friend's cabin in Australia.

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  1. Let me guess…Pete gave you one eh? Personally I’m not a big fan of the Tim Tams.

    *sits in the corner and waits for the boos to subside*

  2. Trika says:

    This lady buys her *own* Tim Tams, rev. To borrow from Destiny’s Child:

    The shoes on my feet

    I’ve bought it

    The clothes I’m wearing

    I’ve bought it

    The rock I’m rockin’

    I’ve bought it

    ‘Cause I depend on me

    If I wanted the Tim Tam you’re eatin’

    I’ll buy it

    I depend on me

    (I depend on me)


    All the women

    Who independent

    Throw your hands up at me


  3. Pete Calvert says:

    Sorry .rev, no need for me to get involved when supply is so plentiful here!

    And it’s OK for you to not like Tim Tams. Might be unAustralian – but then for you that would be perfectly true!

    I’d rather be remembered by Trika by something a bit more unique than giving her a Tim Tam in Australia … oh hang-on, I already am 😉

    And Trika – I don’t get it – why do women feel the need to proclaim and celebrate their independence and ability to do things themselves? Anyone with half a brain should know that already. If we draw attention to perceived gender inequalities rather than the state of the individual we tend to reinforce them rather than help that individual. Or am I just a confused, out of touch Ozzie?

    I certainly wouldn’t claim you incapable of doing or getting anything you wanted.

  4. Trika says:

    Dear Pete,

    I quoted ‘Destiny’s Child,’ a group of ladies known for dancing around in matching little hot pink outfits or fatigue mini-skirts, singing lyrics like “he say he got a girl/Yeah it’s true you got a man/But the party ain’t gon’ stop/So let’s make it hot, hot.”

    This was not a statement of any kind; I just thought it was funny. In fact, if someone wants to buy me Tim Tams, I’d love it. Drop them at the MSDN lounge, please, after 10:30.

    Thanks for coming to my talk yesterday, it was nice to see you nodding supportively (not that I NEEDED you to nod supportively, I mean, I don’t need a MAN to nod supportively–I can nod on my OWN 🙂


  5. Travis says:

    You should try a Tim Tam Slam(tm) sometime. First, let me say that, despite what it sounds like, this post is not a joke…

    First, acquire one (1) Tim Tam and one (1) coffee (preferably a good, proper coffee e.g. a latte).

    Second, take a small bite out of each end of the Tim Tam so that the innards are exposed.

    Third, put one end of the Tim Tam in your mouth, bend down towards your coffee and place the other end in your coffee.

    Fourth, suck wildly! The coffee will travel through the Tim Tam, mixing Tim Tam goodness with your coffee in an orgasmic taste explosion!

    WARNING! Limit the amount of coffee that travels through your Tim Tam, as it will shortly disintegrate. Before this happens, you need to put the entire Tim Tam into your mouth and eat it.

    This, my friend, is a Tim Tam Slam(tm). Let’s be clear, it’s not the most adult thing to do, but it is an experience one should have in one’s life.

  6. Pete Calvert says:

    Trika – you are a beautiful person.

    Seems you always provide me with closing that demands attention 😉

  7. Pete Calvert says:

    my typing really needs to improve – clothing, not closing.

    Have a good time in the mountains Trika and a safe flight back.

  8. Shivam says:

    Wow I think the very first thing I ate in Australia was a Tim Tam. I used to keep a small personal stock of Tim Tam in my office drawer for when I needed inspiration on uni assignments. It was great.

  9. Well in the words of Gemini’s Twin…"It’s time to get musicational!"

    You seem to think of my love as an appliance

    That’s why i made a new man with some science

    Your attitude’s solvent makes me weaker

    So i’m a fix a better man in a beaker

    I’d rather make a Frankenstein and be his bride

    Then to hang around with you Dr. Jekeyll, Mr Hyde

  10. Trika says:


    Ain’t no half steppin’ with the slam. I love it.

    Calvert, thanks for the wombats, I love them!!!

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