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If I can fly for 14 hours to get here, you can come up to Bayside room 202 for my session. It's at 10:15 AM today. I'll go over the WS2008 certs (I feel like a broken record but a lot of people don't know this stuff yet*) and virtualization certs, system center certs, and a few other things. Will be fascinating as.

  • Then I'll be in the Developer Studio at 1:30 to talk about Visual Studio 2008 certs - a 30 minute chalk talk-ish thing about what ever you want to discuss.
  • Tomorrow, Friday, in the MVP lounge at 10 (I think?) I'll talk about Microsoft Certified Master (half hour chalk talk)
  • Tomorrow in the Developer Studio at 1 I'll have a little cert 101 chalk-talk (why get certified, picking a cert, what to expect on exams) and Q&A.

In the meantime (Warwick James and co), come say hello or ask about cert stuff. I'll hang out in the MSDN lounge area (by the Surface) when I'm not in any sessions. I have brown hair. I will hold a coozie (stubbies, you call them?) and stand just like this all day so you can recognize me.

btw any great speakers you'd recommend checking out today or tomorrow?

*our fault

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  1. James says:

    Hi Trika-

    great to catch up with you in Auckland.  Hope you enjoyed OpShop.  Didn’t get to say goodbye before you flew to Oz.

    Safe travels!


  2. Pete Calvert says:

    great speakers? – me!

    but I’m on the same time as you, so not only will I miss out on another of your talks, but you’ll pull all the people away from my ILL (not to mention Steve Riley also being on at the same time slot).

    At least I got to be part of the peanut gallery / cheer squad for your 101 today.

  3. Pete Calvert says:

    oops – got the times wrong. If it wasn’t so Dev focussed I’d be at your talk in spades (or at least a black shirt and labcoat). If you want to try an Instructor Led Lab in the morning about the nasty malware infecting your machine I’m on from 10:15 in Bayside 105. Hopefully my voice will be back by then.

  4. Warwick James says:

    TechED Australia has been great, as usual!

    There are many standout speakers, Trika, Pete, Amit and Steve included!

    Pass an exam at Teched and you’ll get a free Certified cap – can’t go wrong with that, eh?

    Here’s to a great last day on Friday! All the best!


  5. Gavin77 says:

    Hi Trika, hope you had a good time at the drinks that microsoft put on for us tonight! Great to chat to you. Are you presenting anything on Friday? My manager is actually on to me about win2008.

    Hope you get to see more wombats while you are here! Just remember you cant take them back with you.


  6. Todd says:

    Trika, does your room have a wonderful view of the Darling Habour?

  7. says:


    I won’t lie to you: I put the ‘darling’ in Darling Harbor. I do. It’s a lovely view and bustly and I get to walk across a bridge to go to the conference center. I just really like it.

    Your friend,


  8. Hi Trika, Loved your presentation on Certs. It was such a change from the deadpan technical delivery that i’d dozed through do far to suddenly have your vibrant alive presentation to brighten up the day…

    I guess it is tme to update those NT 3.51, Exchange 5.5 and SMS 2.0 Certifications of mine..<sheepish grin>..

  9. Todd says:

    Trika, the view does look amazing. Kim Frank had sent me a picture of the view from his "office" at Tech-Ed. The view from his office is definately better then the view from mine.

  10. says:

    @Gavin: Are you the Gavin what won the massive stuffed beast the other night? Sorry missed you today; good luck with your 2008 stuff, let me know if you have questions, and zip it about the wombats. I plan to take one home. Just a smallish one. No big whoop. Just a wee wombat, for take-away.

    @Brett, thanks for saying that. I really appreciate it! Now wipe that sheepish grin off your face and get cracking.

  11. Warwick James says:

    Until next time! Enjoy the rest of your time in our (usually) sunny and hot lands!

    Be sure to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge (, go on the Skywalk ( and just generally enjoy yourself!

    It was a pleasure catching up (Trika last seen catching a massage in the MSDN lounge!). Keep the updates coming on your blog, and see you next time!

    Thanks to all attendees of TechEd 2008 Sydney reading this for making it special, and to everyone else OLA!

  12. says:

    Fun to see you, and the ladies, too, Finley.

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