Oh, hello, Peru.

You gentlemen--Edgard, Alfredo, Jesus, Jonathan, and Jorge, to be specific--look very sharp, in your geek hats. Now stop sitting by that picturesque waterfall, for once, and go configure something.

Microsoft Certified Geeks Lima, Perú (Edgard Alejos, Alfredo Arias, Jesus Gonzales, Jonathan Ald

Thanks, Jesus, for sending, Lima, represent!

Comments (5)

  1. Hi Trika,

    Thanks for the caps Geeks!!!


  2. Hi Trika

    the caps are wonderful. a decoration more geek near the brain 😉

    recieve a hug from Lima-Perú and thank you!!!


  3. Benjamin S says:

    Viva Peru!  You can’t find those hats at Metro!  I don’t remember any waterfalls in Lima…

  4. Hi Benjamin S

    the photo is in Jauja-Peru, but Lima also has several places with similar waterfalls, for example Matucana or Chosica:)


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