Check your possums at the door

On Wednesday next week I’ll arrive in Sydney for TechEd Australia. It will be fun, I think! This is what I’m talking about—different than what was listed in the session tool, originally, now so please help spread the word:

Windows Server 2008 Certifications (plus Bells and Whistles): 75 minutes. Find out how to certify your skills on Windows Server 2008 to show hiring managers and employers that you’ve got the skills to help them get the most return on their technology investment. In this session I will review the available certifications and direct roadmaps; explain upgrade paths and entry points for those of you working with earlier versions of Windows Server; provide an introduction to complementary certifications in the arena of virtualization and systems management; and point out resources and offers to help you earn your certification. And whatever else we have time for.

    • Audience: IT Professionals working with Windows Server.
    • Thursday, September 4 from 10:15 – 11:30 AM

A few other sessions and chalk talks on the table:

Microsoft Certification 101: 20 minutes. Not sure where to start with certification? Think it seems confusing or not worth the hassle? I’ll help you see how simple getting certified can be with an introduction to certifications available today; pointers to your most likely first step; and the 411 on what to expect when you take your exam. 

    • Audience: Anyone interested in certification but not sure where to start, including brand new IT pros and developers and one-time certified professionals who are feeling rusty
    • Thursday, September 4 at lunchtime

Microsoft Certified Master: 30 minutes. If you’re an IT professional confident you know more than anyone about Microsoft’s latest technologies, the Microsoft Certified Master credential might be your next step. Get an overview and pointers to new information about this new certification, which combines on-site training, labs, and exam work to certify the deepest technology skills in the industry.

    • Audience: IT professionals with deep experience on Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, OCS, or SharePoint
    • Friday, September 5 from 11-11:30 at the MVP something or other

Visual Studio 2008 Certification: 20 minutes. Today’s very specific, very targeted developer certifications let you create a custom certification to demonstrate your individual skill set on the latest tools from Microsoft. We’ll explain the certifications available today, the exams required to earn them, and talk about your next step from any starting point.

    • Audience: Developers new to certification; developers upgrading an earlier certification
    • Friday, September 5 at lunchtime

And check it:

  • Take exams on site for less than half of normal price! I believe there are baseball caps for people who take exams (pick them up where you take your exam), some kind of photo opp, and the great feeling of going how with a new exam (or first certification!) under your belt. You can sign up on-site at the Prometric/cert center booth.
  • There will be special offers and, more importantly, the chance to talk to our Certified Partners for Learning Solutions in person about how to meet your training and certification goals. These partners will be on site – look for them and say hello. Look for DDLS in the Core Infrastructure area and CEO, EXCOM, KAZ, NEW HORIZONS AND ITTS in the Community, Industry and Learning area. Check out ComNet for details of all the training partner offers. I’ve seen them and it looks great.
  • Visit the Microsoft Press booth to get 30% off the regular retail price of all the newest Self-paced Training Kits during tech·ed 2008.
  • A prolific Microsoft Press author, Orin Thomas, will be doing some book signings at the Microsoft Press booth.
  • And that’s probably where I’ll be standing around, too.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all, catching a few great speakers and seeing some of the other nice people who will be there, like Kyle! Though some nice people will be missed. More soon.

Comments (6)

  1. Ishai Sagi says:

    See you there mate! check out my presentation about SharePoint and the BDC (

  2. Pete Calvert says:

    looking forward to catching up again Trika, and I don’t need anything from the wardrobe this year

  3. says:

    Fun, see you soon Ishai and Pete.


  4. Will Hughes says:

    Australian Customs is pretty strict – don’t be bringing any fruit – say a certain Banana.


  5. Pete Calvert says:

    Hey Trika – where will you be based? Couldn’t find a MSL stand in the MS Showcase.

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