Find your MS Press books at

We have our own little storefront at, these days, if you're an amazon shopper looking for certification resources or technology books. Check it; great place to find all of our stuff and buy it when you find it.

I like Amazon. Did I tell you I interviewed there a long time ago but they didn't offer me the job? Hmm.

I also interviewed for a job at Google, once, back in the day, and they offered it to me, but I didn't take it. Hmm-mmm. Oh, hmm.

Comments (7)

  1. Diego Shimohama says:

    Jobs interview are equal all around the world.

  2. Hot business. Microzon, or is it Amasoft?

  3. Ha! Don’t forget to check out the video in the upper right hand corner. Slinky makes an appearance! He should be in the movies. 🙂

  4. Dave Lawlor says:

    I was really disappointed with the last MSPress book I bought, which was IIS 7.0 Administrators Pocket Guide.  The binding gave way just from reading within 3 days of purchase and started losing pages from the middle.  I hope all the new books dont have this problem.  

  5. Dave, it’s the subject; not the book! 🙂

  6. Joe Eckhout says:

    I think the books are designed to expire as the products come off mainstream support.  Dave probably got an early beta that was ahead of the expiration curve.  On a serious note.. has many of the MS press self paced learning kits pretty cheap. Sometimes even cheaper if you go though ebay and hit one of buy.coms auctions.

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