CertMag Salary Survey

Our friends at Certification Magazine are hosting their annual salary survey to "gauge the financial impact of certification and experience on IT professionals." If you have 10 minutes, you're welcome to respond to the survey at Certmag.com; your responses will help track and benchmark IT salaries and how certification fits in. And, sounds like, you might win something.

Look for results in their December 2008 issue.

Comments (7)

  1. cg says:

    this salary surveys are sometimes really funny, as an MCT i can say that in CEE we earn the same money for week like MCTs in WE/US per day … with more or less same knowledge and skills .. so …

  2. PHenry says:

    hhhhhmmmm you put a link to the "survey" but it’s really a link to the landing page.  There three main articles plus 18 other squares with more articles, none of which jump out to me as a survey.  I next did a search and survey found me a link to some other side, so this can’t be the one you are looking at.  hhhmmm too much time, back to work.  So long.

  3. Aaron says:


    Agree with PHenry here – you have some inside info we don’t? I can’t find the survey link anywhere.

  4. Trika says:

    So sorry you guys. I put in the right link and checked it before posting; but obviously didn’t save it or something. Sorry again.

  5. Bob says:

    Oh yes it’s me again…

    CertMag salary surveys have always been a big joke! The are so off base that there’s no need to even bother trying to make sense of where they get their information.

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