This just in: Subscribe for Beta Announcements

At long last, we have a place for you all to find out about beta exams when they are open to the public, without having to read 70 different forums or blogs. Subscribe to this blog (for developer and IT pro exams, both) and you'll get a notice when one of the planners (Jim, Gerry, or J--cute, right?) has an opportunity for you to participate.

The best part is that you'll have a single place to go to find beta-related news of extensions, updates, delays, or issues* instead of trying to get info in bits and pieces from the helpdesk, from Gerry's blog, and from the semi-reliable blog of a short-tempered, second-hand source who will remain unnamed.

* I don't know what you're talking about.

Comments (7)

  1. Alexander Trofimov says:


    Thank you. It’s the thing I wish to become true. =)

    BTW, why not to create a mail list with invitations to MVP? I think many of us would appreciate this. =)

  2. Deniz says:

    After Trikas blog entry "on beta exams and their vociferous patrons" I thought "Oh, what a mess" and felt totally disinformed and angry.

    This blog entry is good news everyone! I really feel like the marketing has proven a keen sense for our needs as a customer.

    Thank you!

  3. Sasha hey, I’m sure they would do it for MVP as well to, but… it will take some more time, u know 🙂

  4. Alexander Trofimov says:

    Alex, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to strive for perfection 8)

  5. This won’t stop us from reading your blog! No matter how much you try to divert our attention elsewhere!

  6. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Good!  A centralized blog for beta exam invitations.  The most important reason for keeping my MCT credential has gone, as now every beta exam is opened to public.

    I can save the MCT renewal $$ next year…

  7. says:

    Hi, SY. If you want to save $$ and not renew your MCT next year, that’s cool – but don’t do so because of betas only. The new ‘beta blog’ will NOT list every beta opportunity. It will announce those that planners decide are open to the public. Usually the MCTs get advance notice of betas, whether they are "invite only" or "public"–I imagine that will continue.

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