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Hi. I have this note to post from my friend Sarah, she's new to our team and is working on all things MCP. This is good news for you; she is smart and you'll like her. If you have 5 minutes or so, she'd love to hear from the certification community in this little survey. <Try this one.> And if that one is closed, try this one, or this one, or this one. We didn't expect so many of you to respond. That was dumb, right?

I told her you guys were shy, and probably wouldn't have any opinion. But she wanted me to post this anyway...

Good day everyone! 

My name is Sarah Grant and I am new to the MCP Community Lead role here at Microsoft. I am just getting my feet wet (4 days and counting!)  and I am already hoping to gain feedback from the MCP community on a topic of discussion here internally. I know that, over the years, and before my time, there has been a lot of talk about our welcome kits, and whether they need some polishing. There are few ideas floating around, and we get a lot of feedback from different places about the best way to go. I wanted to get a gut check in a quick survey, here, too, to see what you think. While I cannot get 2.2 million MCP’s opinion’s, maybe I can get yours!  After all, your perception of the program is what keeps this program alive & kickin’ and still important in the IT sector.

Today, as you probably know, the first time you earn an MCTS, MCITP, and MCPD, you can order (for free—you just have to request it from the MCP site) a welcome kit. The welcome kit contains a nice folder, a paper certificate, a coupon for 20% off MCP gear at the MCPeStore and a wallet card. Then, each time you earn a subsequent certification (i.e. your second MCTS or second MCITP certification…), you can “order” a paper certificate. 

We want to know what you value and what you like when you receive your welcome kits and paper certificates. Things being discussed--could we/should we:

1) Do more with those first welcome kits and eliminating the subsequent certificates. By “do more”  by dressing  up the wallet card and certificate, maybe include something else you’d find helpful.

2) Add more relevant marketing material to help you understand the benefits given.

3) Make the online certificates we launched last year easier to use (this is where you can print certificates you’ve earned at your convenience)

I have sent up a short survey  for anyone who is interested in sharing their opinion with me.

Kind regards and I look forward to working with you all!

Sarah Grant

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  1. Questions 7 is broken. The last top options are not split..

    Option 1: Would impact my value perception of the program POSITIVELY

    Option 2: Would NOT have an impact my value of the program perception Would impact my value perception of the program NEGATIVELY

  2. Taken. When will we know if we passed or failed? 🙂

    Upon successfully completely this exam, you will have earned the title of:

    MCST – Microsoft Certified Survey Taker


  3. Un questionario sui Welcome Kit

  4. HEllo Sarah,

    if you are interesting in opinion of Russian MCP’s pls let me to know, I’m ready to organize guys to give you some feedback, if you are interesting pls contact with me,

    Best regards,

    Alex Burlachenko

    Regional MCP Club Community Lead


  5. as says:

    "This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance."


  6. This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.

    Fine, I see how it is.  Here I was, trying to give you feedback.  And you tell me quite plainly that you just didnt care 😉

    And im never sarcastic.

    Or opinionated.

    Congrats to Sarah, id be interestedin hearing her take on what she sees that role to be and how it contrasts with the position under George.  

  7. says:

    It would be nice if the online certificate mentioned the ‘Charter Member’ status for charter member certs.

  8. says:

    Sorry about that, everyone. I added another survey (a few more, actually) so hopefully you’ll try again. There’s a cap on how many people can respond–and you guys went over it. In a few hours. Which is awesome.

    We feel dumb. Sorry.

  9. says:


    You are now a MCPSH?

    MCSH – Microsoft Certified Professional Survey Hoster


  10. Jake says:

    I want the pins back. The 2003 track certificates look really bad compared to both older and newer generation certificates, by the way. What did you think when you were designing them?

  11. Chance says:

    I’m thinking ditch the pins and send a voucher for some real swag – like a voucher from the e-store for a polo or something.  The program could use some more promotional discounts and giveaways as well!

    I’m not into the "goodies" as much as I am obtaining subject knowledge and then certifying after some hands-on, but it’s good to know there are tangible benefits to go along with the proverbial "warm fuzzy" of certs.

  12. hfrmobile says:

    FYI: Still getting the message "This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance."

    Maybe you can answer the following question (I hope so): When using Transcript tool to download my transcript the PDF takes 15 MEGABYTES. There is a warning that the PDF will take 10 MB or more. But WHY!? It seems to an attempt to "kill" PDF format and MS seems to hope that users will prefer XPS. But this will not happen. Please give us a PDF < 1 MB (this was possible in the past!!)

    Cheers, hfr

  13. M@rTIn X says:

    quality paper, A worthy paper to the height of a MCP

    Money in publicity is spent but that in a decent certificate the questions are obscene

  14. Lukas Beeler says:

    The MCPeStore is basically worthless if you’re not a US citizen.

    First, you get raped by the shipping charges, and when the package finally arrives, customs also want their share of money.

  15. Guillaume says:

    MCP Store is indeed useless if you’re not in USA.

    I don’t like receiving a different certificate for each TS certification, it seems kind of pointless. In my mind, I got two worthy certs from MS (MCITP DBA and EA) – I’m not going to hang 5 certificates for the EA + 2 for the DBA, that looks kind of dumb.

    Maybe send out the "multiple exam certs" on really high quality paper, and keep the MSTS ones printable only?

    Also, I’d like to receive a card that says MCITP: DBA and MCITP:EA . I got a card that mentionned MCITP, which was nice, but not too descriptive.

    Also, the hologram on the card is rather weak and was destroyed by my wallet within 2weeks..I’ll get a new wallet I guess.

    What would be really nice is if we could get a complimentary set of business cards from the logo manager, where we could put our own info and pick a logo. That’d rock.

  16. as says:

    Got the same message again.  Oh well.

    As for the freebies: who really carries around a wallet card of their credentials?  I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d have to prove my MCP-ness "on the fly" like that.

    The pins are neat, though.  Add those to one of those over the neck card holder things for bragging rights.  

    Also, ditto on whoever above mentioned that ONLINE certificates should also specify Charter member if applicable.

  17. Guillaume says:

    I like the card, just in case I was ever asked to prove it during an interview with a client or something. The "visible" stuff strike me as "Look at me, I’m so good I’m certified" – and for some reason, I have this stereotype against people who try to show off their paper credentials. However, the pin was subtle enough not to look obnoxious.

  18. jtb says:

    I like having a separate certificate for eact certification.  I miss the pins; but not overly so (we don’t often wear suits at work any more).  There isn’t enough room on a business card for all of my MS certs, not to mention those from other folks.  I would like the option of coffee mugs (nice bone china ones!  No more plastic!) with room for up to eight cert logos on ’em…  

    I agree the Charter Cert doesn’t come out in the online printing version… That’s a big deal at times…

    But I’m okay so far…

  19. LarryWestMCSD says:

    I didn’t see any place to mention I want the pins back also (I misplaced my MCSD pin), the survey just talked about certificates.

    I like the new blue card also – so far the MCP hologram on the back hasn’t rubbed off. However, it is just generic. It states MCP  MCSD  MCTS  MCPD   MCITP  MCSA without stating what those certifications are in.

    Just curious, but now that newly certified MCTS’s are really MCP’s unless they take an older exam, are the cards going to change for them?

    It would be nice if there were cards that could actually be used as the "second form of identification" when taking certification exams.

  20. Amber says:

    My name’s Amber and I work in the Operations division in Microsoft Learning.  

    Just wanted to let you know that we’ve made some changes to resolve the huge PDF file sizes for your transcripts.      

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