Oh, sorry.

That was actually a Rick Astley video. Here is the right link for the recording from the Microsoft Certified Master meeting. And here are the slides (not transcribed). And, here is a related article that was just published in TechRepublic: So you think you qualify for the Microsoft Certified Master Program.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the recording and have already read the Q&A Per’s been fielding on his blog post, here are a few bits of news.

  • These are the tracks for which registration will be opening soon (target date of September 1)

    • Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2007

    • Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008

    • Microsoft Certified Master: Windows Server 2008 – Directory

  • Here is where the requirements and registration info is (and this is where reg will be when it opens)

  • Coming next – but no requirements, no dates available yet <update 7/30 per Per: I would expect a public beta for the OCS program to be around February /  March 2009.>

    • Microsoft Certified Master: Office Communications Server 2007

    • Microsoft Certified Master: Office SharePoint Server 2007

  • And anything NOT listed above is not planned yet, but likely has been/is being considered by Per and team. Feel free to post about it if you have strong feelings about <insert your passion here – developer, SBS, Office, SC, etc>

  • Lots of people wanted to know when the training will be available somewhere besides Redmond. <update 7/30 per Per: We will attempt to deliver all programs in at least 7 locations starting our following fiscal year (starting July 2009). Locations currently being considered: Redmond, Dallas, New York, London, Munich, Beijing, Bangalore, Sydney. None of these are locked in at this point, though.>

  • The CURRENT training schedule looks like this:



MCM: Exchange 2007

MCM: SQL Server 2008

MCM: Windows Server 2008 - Directory

October 6-25, 2008

October 13 – November 1, 2008

November  3-22, 2008

January 5-24, 2009

January 12 – 31, 2009

January 19 – February 7, 2009

March 15 - April 4, 2009

March 16 – April 4, 2009

May 4-23, 2009

  • Per will be presenting in an identical (minus the mess-up with log-in links, I trust) session at 5 PM today, Pacfiic Time.


  • The emails (as multiple emails had different infomation - and none were correct) sent for this meeting was incorrect (meeting ID and event key info). Thus, I spent over 30 minutes call and contacting help personnel just trying to get online. Make sure you perfomr test emails internally before sending this out extenally. 2. As for the MCM certification, it is very over priced and I can tell you from a management standpoint, you cannot justify the $18,000 + cost associated with it. Everyone is trying to get the best resource (labor part) at the lowest rate. Just having the MCM cert will not just thathigh rate. A company can simply get an MCITP in that specific disipline and get the same or greater return. 3. I know this was more of a sales pitch for the MCM program, but there needs be more information showing examples (like lab links, practice exam links, etc. - something that shows the end-user that this is something different) of requirements and study guides of this program.

  • Allot a little more time - Per's(?) presentation was great, but I felt like he got cut off a little.

  • Check the password that is sent out!

  • Do a marketign campain abotu the new certs. Crack down more on Cheaters.

  • great work

  • I think this new concept could have great value in validating the purpose of certifications. I would like to learn more about the program and how the enrollment process works.

  • I'm just ready to see Microsoft repromote the value of certification. Outline timetables. Do I get a MCA or MCM and do I get an financial benefit? Everyone asks that question. Answer it clearly.

  • Just a small note on the problem we had today, the meeting key. I was sent an incorrect key by e-mail even 30 minutes before the meeting started, that is unacceptable! I live in London and I had to call the US just to find out what the problem was, and I was told that the wrong code was sent. Because of that I had to join the meeting 20 minutes late.

  • trim away some of the certifications - you seem to invent new certifications all the time

  • webinars are good for me and work as well as the learning emails

  • Clone Trika. Her blog is awesome

  • Make this type of information and event always available. Thanks

  • No, Trikas blog is excellent.
  • Comments (8)

    1. Packetboy says:

      whoo hoo go London!! I hope we dont get ripped off like we always do and are made to pay £18,000 for this training instead of $18,000USD (£9,000)

      Please Per promise you will take the exchange rate into account and not rip us off!!  


    2. Guillaume says:

      Will there be any material provided to help us sell the idea to managers ?

      Also, any updates on the possibility of not doing all 3 weeks and all exams at the same time?

      You could have Master White Belt, Half-Mastah and  Black Belted Master levels, that would cost "only" 6000$ each…I could probably get that approved eventually and finish the Master stuff after 3 years. Then, I’d go back for 1 week for an update to the new version of product X or Y. It would be like a 6000$/year subscription, that gets you the Master certification over 3 years, and keeps you up to date.

      (Not practical for someone far from the exam and training locations however)

    3. Perfarny says:

      @ Packetboy – I promise 🙂

      @ Gillaume – we will have ‘collateral’ as we call it to help with this. As far as splitting up the training: we will try to do that starting July 2009 (one 1-week block and one 2-week block). I know it’s hard to consume that training in a short period of time, but if we spread it out too far we lose some key components of the training experience (long running labs, community building) and risk having the information be very stale.

    4. Kjetil says:

      There is an error in the link to the recording.

      Link refers to Hhttp://…. (a h to much)

    5. trikah@microsoft.com says:

      Thanks Kjetil, fixed it.

    6. Tom says:

      Hi Per & Trika,

      Thanks for the post, the webcast was very informative.  I have been trying to find out if there will be anymore Messaging Architect training rotations before the launch of the Master: Messaging training rotation on the 6th October 2008.  I have emailed the addresses published on the MCA website but have had no replies.

    7. Here&#8217;s what I hear about registration for the Master program you&#8217;ve been chatting with Per

    8. darkstar3d says:

      Wow, the cost of an entire year of college. Seems great and I love that its true, not everyone will desire to be master…at that price.

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