I have a cardboard box of the "Certified Geek" baseball hats in my office, awaiting shipment to a community member in Peru, Jesús Enrique Gonzales Azcarate. I had scrawled "for Jesus" on the side so I'd remember what was what, and when my friend Ken just walked in, he looked at the box, and looked at me, and said "Hats for Jesus?" and I thought that was funny.

In related news, I never heard from the genius who suggested the "I am. You're not." hat (Dave (UK)?) or the "Chuck Norris" hat (was that Dave UK, too?) or the "Smart As*" hat (AdamV?). Send me your mailing address, please. And if you're reading this, Alice and Liza, send me your addresses, too.

Comments (7)

  1. Helmer says:

    Cool….are you sending baseball hats? 🙂

  2. Dave Lawlor says:

    Yeah no kidding if there are extra hats around I would so take one, I didn’t get to make TechEd this year.  I’ll pay shipping 🙂

  3. Adrian says:

    If no one claims the "Chuck Norris" hat could you add me to the list please!

    ..Im Dave, and so is my wife..

  4. Benjamin says:

    The geek hat is my most prized hat at the moment.  I actually get to wear it around at work.  Any chance these might show up in the MCP estore any time soon?

  5. Forrest says:

    I got my Certified Hero hat’s yesterday.  Getting 10 means I have a higher chance of surgering 2 together in a Frankenstein like style so it will fit my 8+ head.

    Thanks Trikah.  

  6. Thanks Trika, by the gift and recognition.

    From Lima, Peru send a greeting to members of Team MCP Program, and support for any initiative and have me.


  7. LarryWestMCSD says:

    When you get finished with the "Certified Since 1857" hat, can I have it?

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