Trouble in sim city

I've heard that some of you have had problems recently when taking one of our exams with performance-based testing (simulations). I posted a response to a forum somewhere a while ago about it, but maybe others of you have had the same problem. If this is you, I'm sorry, that is so lame. Everyone (us, Prometric) is working to make sure it's not going to happen again.

Here's what I posted earlier:

I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience on behalf of Microsoft and Prometric, both. We know your time is valuable, and I can imagine that it is very frustrating to have to reschedule these exams! Please know that we are definitely aware of the problem here at Microsoft, and working closely with Prometric, we’ve identified the root of the problem. The issue is a workstation configuration issue that is sporadic and just happening at a very few Prometric centers (it is just a few of you, unfortunately, who have run in to this), so we will not halt delivery of all simulation exams; we expect the resolution to happen in the very short term. You are doing the right thing in working with your Prometric representative to reschedule and sit your exam.

Again, please accept our apology for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we get this addressed in short order. Performance-based testing, like simulations, adds huge value to your exam experience and your certification and we want to make sure everything is operating like it should to give you the value you deserve.

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  1. Shawn says:

    When I recently wrote the Vista exam, none of the workstations at the test center were capable of running the simulations. I finally decided to write the exam anyway and I just hit next whenever I encountered a sim question. (starting the sim would crash the exam) I guess the sims weren’t being scored because I scored almost perfect on the exam, so no complaints from me.

  2. Martin says:

    yup…me too, i took the AD 2008 Simulation (70-113), it doesnt even open, after spending 45 mins with Prometric on the phone, finally they got it working, but none of the simulations were loading, i was getting an "Web Content could not be loaded, please try again later"

    any chances MS can extend the test period for this exam, so we can take it ?



  3. Harold says:

    And I thought I was the only one who had problems.

    I sat the 71-652 and it was a nightmare.  The workstation crashed, so the facilitator moved me to another seat.  Then they couldn’t log me in becuase it said I was already taking the test.  3 hours later they get the test sent to the facility, but it’s the wrong test, it was an introduction to astronomy.  Prometric said they sent the same exam. So I get a ticket number and a phone number to reschedule.  I go to the parking lot call the 800 and get a reschedule for Monday 8:30.  I show up at Monday 8:00 for the exam, they are still having problems with the exam.  Finally at 10:00 I sit the exam.

    I know it was  a beta but boy that plays tricks with your mind.

  4. Not to pick nits, but they are not simulations, they are emulations. 🙂

  5. says:

    Hi, Russ! Nit picking welcome, but in our (Micorosft Leanring) performance-based testing terminology, we have simulations (performing tasks in a static, built-out “mock up” of the technology – this has been out for a while in some of our exams) and emulations (testing in a live, virtual environment, which is in development today and not out in the public yet). Using our vocabulary, the problems that have been reported are in our simulations testing…

  6. Niall says:

    Hi Trika

    I had my exam crash 4 times on me today in the space of 30 mins. Quite annoying. Seems the issue is if you click the next button too quickly (i was doing reviews for 2 of the crashes).

    It takes about 4 to 5 mins per either restart or else you just wait for it to terminate and then wait a while for the service to stop and then restart the test. The proctor was very good and did everything and was very apologetic.

    This is the second exam this has happened in. Strangely enough a WSS exam 🙂

    Can Promtric and/or Microsoft please sort this out!

  7. says:

    Hi, Niall. Can you send me (in mail) the test center location and exam number? My girl Shelby would like to look in to this. Thanks.

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