o hai

Oh, hi. Is this thing still on?

I haven't been on vacation, actually. I've just been working non-stop for a few weeks on my first LOLcat.


Oh, hi. That's right. I'm all up in your reader, giving you the business. 

Comments (5)

  1. Brent says:

    That first picture:

    Trika, i Kan see U R Not Wurking.

  2. Jigan Shah says:

    I thought you actually went hunting pirates and braindumpers 🙂 after your last post…

  3. Eric Matz says:

    Funniest…LOLcat…EVAR!!!!  🙂

  4. Trika says:

    Thanks E. I keep looking at my LOL cat. Apparently I am very pleased with myself. Brent, please invite us all to Hawaii. We’d like to visit. Jigan where are you from?

  5. Jigan Shah says:

    Finally Came Back to the page  – Trikah, I am from Madison, WI – originally from India moved to yeas few years back..

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