Free software with Windows Server 2008 classroom training

Here's a dope new offer where you get free WS software if you take a certain WS2008 classroom course from our Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). Here is where you can find participating CPLS and classes in your country or region.<URL updated on 6/19 thanks to Justyna who pointed out I'd posted the wrong thing. Thanks!> There are CPLS in 13 countries participating right now and more are signing up all the time, so check back later if you don't see a class in your area yet.

Enroll and attend any one of these three top Windows Sever 2008 training classes between June 27 and December 31, 2008 (while supplies last) and you'll receive the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition— FREE. This offer is available for a limited time and only while supplies last so act now.

  • Updating your Network Infrastructure and Active Directory® Skills to Windows Server® 2008 (Course Number: 6416BS also in French, Japanese, and German)

  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Server® 2008 Network Infrastructure (Course Number: 6421AKS also in French, Japanese, German, and Official Distance Learning)

  • Fundamentals of Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory® (Course Number: 6424AKS)

If you don't care about this offer, in particular, you can find all CPLS with Server classes here.

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  1. That’s excellent news. this will bring more butts to seats for sure. 🙂

  2. wannabe says:

    too bad not available in brunei.. i found out brunei always being left out ;(

  3. Dave Lawlor says:

    "…and only while supplies last so act now"

    Wow, I didn’t know MS could run out of Server 2008!  And Rev you really think that most people that would take this course doesn’t have access to the software already?

    I think the offer is nice, but I really don’t see it as a driver like it is meant to be, but maybe I am wrong.

  4. Offers like this tend to get more individuals in classes (non company sponsored) they wouldn’t normally take.

  5. Schutzengel says:

    I doubt if I could take the test in german….

    I have a dificult enough time in english …

    and after TechEd I doubt the boss is going to spring for another 2K

    oh well ….

    Did you make it home well Trikah?

    Oh, and BTW as you can see I did get my MCP emails 🙂 next on the list 70-291 and my MCSA !!!! Yippeeee thanks for lighting a fire under me Trikah…

    Hopefully by this time next year I will have my MCSE:Security and be on my way to an equivalent 2008 Cert.

  6. Henrik M. Pedersen says:

    Offer is good, it will get more into classrooms.

    But, there are some, like me, there are past the initial exams 640+642. Why does the offer not extend beyond these exams?

  7.   Send the dics to  130 w summit  Aurora Missouri  65605    I will be waiting

  8. dbarselow says:

    I have not seen any detail on the specifics. Maybe I already know the answer correct me if I am wrong please, all a person needs to due is to go to Microsoft learning portal and take any one of the courses that is mentioned and you will be mailed a copy of the server 2008. May I ask are the courses free of charge.

  9. says:


    You need to take an in-person classroom course (choose from one in your area as listed on this site: to qualify for the offer…the classes are not free.

    Schutzengel, thanks for the german lesson and yes I made it home safe! Congratulations on your exams – see you next year at TechEd, I hope!

    M, it takes a crazy amount of orchestration to get this kind of offer out the door, so I think they had to limit it in some ways to make sure it could happen at all! I know we’d love to make it applicable to everyone. Sorry!


  10. It’s Good for me. If possible

    plese send me sortware for my mail

  11. TDunham says:

    Wall covering a four inch spot for study

  12. bruce baldy says:

    Its a nice deal to learn and THEN have the tool to get acquainted with its actual operation.But, "whats the rest of the headline joke,story?"

  13. send me this software fast please.

  14. SATHISH.G says:

    I Saw the news for free Windows Server 2008 classroom training. this is good for all.

  15. Shameem Mohamed says:

    hai ,what is the procedure for recieving the free software WS2008???

  16. tom says:

    This is full version? Or NFR, 240-day trial?

  17. Jim K says:

    Everyone needs to take a step back and reread the info in this post.

    You only get the software if you attend a class

    Attending the class is not free

    Microsoft is not going to just send you the software, you need to attend a class first, which you must pay for.

    What part of this is so difficult to understand?

  18. this entity works with training and developing and capacitation of people to use ms systems as networks solution and others.

      I thank you for this oportunity!


                 Claudio Mello

  19. mohammed muneeruddin says:

    want to buy winxp service pack2—5 qty

    2)          office xp 2007    —-5 qty

    3)          autocad 2007          multy user

  20. want to buy winxp service pack2—5 qty

    2)          office xp 2007    —-5 qty

    3)          autocad 2007          multy user

  21. SunilKumar says:

    There no classroom training conducted in Bangalore, its difficult for us to attend the training.

    Please arrange the training in Bangalore.



  22. sanjay says:

    it is a very good nots to every networkig engineer

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