Here is our plan

Here is our plan, for your visit to TechEd in Orlando. Our plan has three parts. You are in charge of the first two parts.

Part one of our plan is that you take exams while in Orlando. Please take note of Sweet Deals (and tell every one you talk to) as follows:

  • All exams (MCP and Dynamics) are $50 this week. This is $75 less than exams usually are.
  • The test center (3rd floor South (S330) of conference center) is open
    • Mon-Wednesday from 10 AM until 9 PM.
    • Thursday-Friday from 10 AM until 6 PM
  • Free access to practice tests and other study materials in the Study Hall, next door to test center (open the same times, I think).
  • There are scheduled prep sessions--an hour fifteen each-0 led by great MCTs (same place as test center and study hall) as follows:
    • 643/648/649 on Tuesday at 1:15
    • 640/648/649 on tuesday at 3
    • 643/649 on Tuesday at 4:45
    • exam of your choice Tuesday, Wed 6:30 - 9 PM and Friday at 10:15 AM
    • 290/291 on Wednesday at 10:15 AM
    • 293/294 on Wednesday at 1
    • 630/631 on Wednesday at 2:45 and Thursday at 2:45
    • 62X (Vista exams) on Thursday at 10:15
    • 23X (Exchange exmas) on Thursday at 1

These sessions get REALLY good ratings. Better than most of the good presenters at TechEd, even. It is worth checking it out, if you are considering one of the exams listed above.

A second pillar of the plan involves you winning a Zune. Show up to the test center or our mini-booth-desk in the TechNet resources zone and create a learning plan (this takes about 5 minutes--will explain more when you show up to do it), and you'll be entered to win a daily drawing for a Zune.

Those are your parts of the plan; please don't screw them up.

The third part of the plan, for which I am responsible, is me getting a little tan. 


HERE IS WHERE THE MSL MINI-BOOTH IS: In the TechNet Resources Zone (kind of tall, orange signs down on the conference center floor, where the Edge beanbags are scattered about). Then we're the ones with the big, green certification poster and whiteboard with incredibly intelligent things written on it. I'll be there from about 1 to 6ish, I think, today. Look for me, i'll be the brown-haired girl what sits in the beanbags.

HERE IS HOW YOU GET YOUR SWEET 'CERTIFIED' HAT*: Show your MCP ID or transcript at the Microsoft Learning mini-desk or up at the test center. I think we're giving out one sweet slogan each day, until we run out of that design.

TONIGHT IS THE MCP/MCT/TECHNET PARTY at 8PM: Stop by the Vista Springboard booth to pick up your wrist band, if you already registered; or go by the test center and take an exam to get one; or come find me this afternoon if you didn't sign up already and I'll see if there are any extra wristbands. Please work on your 80s dance moves in advance of the party; I don't want some other community to show us up.


*There is a rumor going around that there are Certified by Chuck Norris hats available, which is, unfortunately, ridiculous. Who wouldn't love a Chuck Norris hat? A hat that said, maybe, "If Chuck says we need new servers; then we need new servers." But there's no such hat, sadly, and if you saw one, you've had too much Florida sun, son.

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