People, Sleeping on Beanbags

That's the main news from TechEd, from where I'm standing in the MSDN Zone at the Microsoft Learning booth.


It's just a wee little desk, really.

If you're here, come say hi. And get a Certified hat. In fact, I'm sitting here talking to my old friend Howard Dierking. What a treat! If you come by right now, you can talk to him too.


My flight was fine, yes, thanks. 

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  1. See you next week Trika…I’ll be working the HOL’s.

  2. Chris Nee says:

    Which hats are you giving out today?

  3. So Trika, I´m so nervous awaiting for the 71-432 BETA exam…. And… I´ve seen that the exam is available on Prometric Website!!! So, I wanna ask you to send me a Promotion Code to take that exam as soon as possible!! I´ll be so happy if you could!! Thank´s..

    PS: Sorry about my english, I´m from Brazil…

  4. Pete Calvert says:

    I’ll definitely come and say "Hi!" next week Trika. I’ll be TLGing in the HoLs and you don’t need to bring a spare skirt.

  5. bryant says:

    I came by the learning booth twice to say hi but you were never there. Maybe you were sleeping on the bean bags? 🙂

    Seriously though, each time I went by it was quite a hike. Maybe next time they could put the learning booth a little closer.

  6. bryant says:

    Forgot to say thanks for the hats! I like my new Certified Smart As* hat. When my wife saw it she said it was "fitting". 🙂

  7. jtb says:

    It’s not fair.

    Not all of us can go to TechEd.

    I think you need to market this better to our leaders and the other folks who can afford to send us…  😉

  8. Daniel says:

    true not fail, but i willove to have a hat :p

  9. Charles says:

    Hey Trikah,

    Thanks for all the info, enjoyed the weekend in Orlando & the free cram session.. t-shirt.. hat.. etc

    Wouldn’t have went if you didn’t have it posted…

    kthxbai 😀

  10. Trika says:

    Argh, I wish we could send everyone hats. Hats all around! Hats on the house! but we can’t.

    Glad to meet those of you who made it. And, thinking of those of you who didn’t.



  11. So next time you go to the beach or party out in your lawn. You can carry your bean bag and relax anywhere you like to.

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