Ask the Tick: How many legs?

There are 7 girls in a vanpool. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat, there are 7 little cats. How many legs are there in the bus?

The Tick answers, courtesy of Cha Cha*



leg count

total leg count









big cats




little cats






Editor's note: I love questions that feature little cats with their little legs. 10,976 little paws!


*And Bonsai, and Larry who already posted the answer

Comments (7)

  1. says:

    What I love about this particular puzzle is that it doesn’t answer the real question.  How big does the van have to be that it can actually contain 2744 cats of varying sizes?

    More importantly – can any of the cats drive?

  2. Mark F (UK) says:

    But what about the bus/van driver’s legs…?

  3. LarryWestMCSD says:

    Rob: The question did not say that the cats were alive, or even that they were real. They could have been beanie babies, for all we know, and the girls are on their way to a beanie baby convention.

    Mark: The van driver could have been one of the seven girls. Typical Microsoft exam question — does not always provide enough information.

    The real question is: Is it two of the girls that are MCITP: United States History Major, two of the cats, or one of each. [See ]

    My apologies to all if I spoiled things by giving the answer. I have a habit of doing that. [In the movie Titanic, in the end, the boat sinks.]

  4. says:

    Larry, gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd. I haven’t SEEN that!!!!! Now you’re ruined it.

  5. Jeff Guillet says:

    Well, one of the answers posted above is correct.  And it would not be you, editor.

  6. Jeff Guillet says:

    PS – that’s because the girls HAVE PAWS, TOO!!!!

  7. WTF…..the same question was in our company (printed!) newsletter which I received today with the mail. Is this coincidence or what?

    It quiet a funny one btw.

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