Cram session for 70-640

Thanks for coming to the meeting. This recording is an exam objectives review (not a technical training) to help you understand, in depth, what the exam will cover and tips on how to prepare.

IF YOU ARE AN MCSA OR MCSE ON WINDOWS SERVER 2003, remember that you do not need to take exam 70-640 on its own. You will earn the resulting certification, MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration (and fulfill any requirements that ask for 70-640), by passing your upgrade exam 70-648 or 70-649, respectively. Learn more.

Thanks for taking the time to comment in the survey after the meeting. Mostly of your feedback was requesting more technical review and less context/general exam tip stuff, more practice questions, and make it so you can actually hear the presenter. These are all fair requests. Here's what you said to What can we do to better communicate with you?

  • All set
  • Check the Volume setting on presenter's mic.
  • communicate study material information on a periodical basis.
  • Could not hear presentation, only slides were available
  • demo video with actual examples etc...
  • do more meetings like this one 🙂
  • Doing great! Thanks!
  • Give awaye more free-bees like exams & prapration questions };¬))
  • give us the answers (Editor's note: This is the kind of actionable, helpful feedback I'm looking for. Keep it coming!)
  • have more of these
  • Have more Q&A time
  • I know that time is limited, but I expected more depth for a cram session... An objective review is something I can get from MS Learning. Cramming is last min MUST KNOW knowledge that is needed to pass the test. I do appreciate the info though. (Editor's note: Great point, we should have done a better job advertising what the session would be--more of a prep review than technical cram)
  • I learned nothing new in this webcast. All the information presented was taken directly from the list of objectives of the 70-640 test.
  • I like having the audio from webcast for use on a MP3 player so when doing these Exam Crams or any webcast the presenters need to assume some of us listen to these webcast afterwards and only listen and won't have the screens to view. (Editor's note: I had a few people request that. good point, will take in to consideration in future)
  • I would like more informaiton on e-learning
  • increase the lenght
  • info on Upgrade Paths
  • Just send out more correspondence to email, mail, or phone calls.
  • Just starting the path: seems like the communication is plentiful and helpful!
  • Keep up the good work. Job well done. Thank you.
  • Maybe it would be good, to give out a handout before the live meeting starts?
  • maybe more screen shots of what they are talking about from server 2008.
  • More details...
  • More frequent emails
  • more of these
  • More questions, less review
  • More specifics as to what is being tested, more example questions.
  • More Technical details
  • More webinars or more topics
  • More webinars with actual technical training
  • n/a
  • no
  • No problems.... more than enough info.
  • No, it looks good.
  • no, trika's blog is excellent! (Editor's note: This is an exceptionally good point.)
  • none
  • none
  • Nope
  • Not that I can think of right now.
  • Nothing right now.
  • Pod casts directed towards MCP exams (cram sessions).
  • Presenter was hard to hear.... between his accent and the "low talking," I had a very hard time hearing. The information presented was rather lacking compared to the Vista presentation yesterday.
  • This was better than the Vista webcast recorded previously. More concise and not rushed. Other exam cram sessions should be a little longer. I'm sure that people would make the time to attend. (**Editor's Note: Who do I believe?)
  • Re-offer 2000-2003 or 2000-2008 upgrade exams.
  • Some practice of simulation questions on technet
  • Split topic so to get deeper into the material.
  • The "meat" of the presentation was not long enough. It would be perferred to have a longer session if the presenters and parties can accept this. (Editor's note: The presenters and parties CAN accept this)
  • The session was really well carried out.
  • The sound was awful
  • Two options - shorten the presentation to 30mins and focus to general exam preparation or discuss the individual exam secition in more details and present for each one a example question. This was kind of a mixture, there were not enough examples.
  • Video
  • YES QUIT POSTING CRITIAL INFO ON DIFFERENT BLOGS AND CONSOLIDATE INFO IN ONE PLACE! (Hmm. My feeling is that critical info should be consolidated on Our blogs, though timely and semi-reliable, should be supplemental to the "official" word on our web properties. Sometimes that info doesn't get updtaed as fast, but the ideal state is that our web teams get the critical stuff out via their pages. Do you agree?)
  • Yes, if we could extend the length of the webcast so that we can spread out the connectivity issues, actual presentation and Q/A
  • You are doing a good job.
  • You are great!!!Keep up great work
Comments (8)

  1. Mark Gillanders says:

    I thought the presentation was great!

  2. Eddie says:

    I took the test on Friday after listening to the cram and got an 861!

  3. Kevin N. says:

    After reading these comments it looks like people were expecting an actual cram session of questions and answers.   I prefer that people actually know the information they are being tested on rather than cramming for the test, passing, then getting a job and can’t actually do it.  (Paper MCP, MCSA, MCSE anyone) That dilutes the value of the exam.  I for one thought the prep was good in how it taught you how to read the question and told you where to focus.  I did not have audio problems but I was also there early to work out any issues I might have had.  I could hear the speaker fine but if I couldn’t you provided a number where I could call in. I did not notice an accent from any of the speakers that would be a problem to understand.  I like sessions like this it was well timed.  Thanks,


  4. Cory says:

    Is this basically the same thing that is planned for Tech-Ed CRM152 or should I expect more from the Tech-Ed event? I’d hate to "waste" a time slot there if I don’t have to 🙂

  5. Garth Jones says:

    For those of you who missed the Microsoft exam cram session for 70-640, all the links have been posted

  6. Garth's Blog says:

    For those of you who missed the Microsoft exam cram session for 70-640, all the links have been posted

  7. nick says:

    Hey, I missed this one and it says the recording is no longer available. Is there any chance at viewing this one again?

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