MCPs@TechEd IT pro week: Come to our bash on Tuesday night

Dear MCPs, we are throwing a party for you. We'd love to have you there if you:

  • have a Microsoft Certification (MCTS, MCP, MCSE, MCDBA, MCITP, MCSA...). AND
  • are registered for TechEd IT pro week AND/OR
  • you can get MC Hammer to attend (Michael Domingo, I'm talking to you).

Please do not register if you:

  • have not earned a Microsoft Certification. We'll be confirming that only legit (and by that I mean 2legit) MCP IDs are provided in registration--we just can't invite everyone, even though we'd love to. 
  • are not registered for IT pro week of TechEd (i.e. just going to the community weekend)

I'll see you at the party; I'll be the one what is a girl, with brown hair. 

Register to attend the Microsoft All-Star Community Pit Stop

Tuesday Evening, June 10, TechEd IT Pro Week, 8:00pm

On June 10th, Day 1 of TechEd IT Pro Week, get ready to rub shoulders with some of the world’s most powerful IT Professionals and community influencers.
Exclusively for Microsoft MVPs, TechNet Plus Subscribers and Microsoft Certified Professionals and Trainers, the Microsoft All-Star Community Pit Stop party during TechEd IT Pro Week in Orlando, Florida is your opportunity to network with industry peers and key Microsoft executives, and enjoy an evening full of music, food, drinks, and fun —all compliments of Microsoft! Party attendance is limited to the first 1000 people to register, so be sure to register today to reserve your spot at TechEd’s largest community-only party!

Click here, and use one of the Very Obtuse codes below (have your MCP or TN+ membership number ready) to register.

  • TechNet Plus subscribers use code TECHNET
  • MCP/MCTs use code MCPMCT
  • MVPs use code MVP
Comments (14)

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the info Trika… it’s so nice to get in on the front end of this as opposed to last year where I had to scoop a ticket at the last minute from those who failed to pick them up before the cutoff…

  2. Niall says:

    Awww is there anything for the devs among us.. Not that I am going but there is a group of MCPs all heading for the dev event from here…

  3. MCP Dev says:

    How about TechEd Developers MCPs events???

  4. Trika just posted the details for the Pit Stop party for MCPs, MCTs, and MVPs during the IT Pro week

  5. We know that this event for IT Pro week.

    Any plans to have similar event for Dev week?

  6. Korn says:

    Is registration already closed?

  7. DeathWIsh says:

    TechED for years has been about the ITPro and not the Dev, this year they have done something about it. Next year (LA) or the year after (New Orleans) – you’ll be lucky to get a teched at all.

    I kid you not, the money is not in dev at TechED.

  8. Peter Read says:

    Hey Trika – Off topic but do you know if there’s any plan to get the certification planner working under Firefox?  (or any other browser – does it work under safari or anything?  I only tried Firefox and Konqueror)

    Reason being I can’t be the only MCP in the world in a hetrogenous environment, so turning around on a linux/unix machine (or maybe a mac for some people) with a spare few minutes and thinking "Let’s just confirm I really do want to do 70-351 to finish off MCSE:Sec" (or whatever)

  9. I’m there. I’ll be working the HOL’s during the event to come over and check it them out.

  10. says:

    There are still seats for the party – if you had trouble registering let me know! Trika

  11. Mark says:

    What’s up with the MCP transcript download pages?

  12. phatbetty says:

    All you developers have your own party to go to –

  13. says:

    Peter, don’t know but I’ll put this on our list of things we should do.

  14. says:

    DeathWIsh, I actually think the developers get a better deal when they split the events (whether or not they have as much money spent there, I don’t know) because that week is focused just on developers – so there’s the attention and speakers and vendors and stuff specifically for the dev side, rather than being squeezed into content and schedules more dominated by the IT pro desires. Know what i mean? I’m not on the event team, so don’t listen to me. BUt that’s what I think. I’m sorry we didn’t have a party for dev MCPs. I would have liked to.


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