Microsoft Designs Certifications to Prevent Integrity of Own Program

dbmynx (from our TechEd Connect group) just reported a funny editorial miss in a resource book (apparently in Sybex MCITP Developer 2005 Database Solutions Design): "The new Microsoft certifications have been designed to prevent the integrity of its certification programs...' This is the first I've heard of this new strategy, but I'll check with Rob and the team again to see if we've changed course.

PS Sorry if you guys just got spammed with my RSS from the future; I hit "publish" on a draft post I meant to send tomorrow. If my post is any indication, the future is pretty tedious. I'd just stay put.

Comments (3)

  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    So THATs why my exam center handed me a paper titled "Exam Cram – teST k1ng – great tips omg LOL!!!111!!1" when i sat an exam this morning…

    Didn’t realize it was a Microsoft Learning strategic ‘feature’ 😉

  2. I HAVE to get a copy of that book. Too funny. It’s always an inside job…

  3. LarryWestMCSD says:

    Of course it’s an inside job, Michael. It was a person named Thomas C. Tips ( and occasionally someone named Mike C. Phelp ( who at one time provided the best braindumps ever. [Note the at-microsoft part.] Someone at a testing center in Pakistan was on to them, so they shut down all the testing centers in that country in retaliation, then prevented Pakistanis from going to nearby India.

    And here we thought the TK that Trika refers to meant "Training Kit." 🙂

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