Exam cram woes

Trika, do you know what is wrong with the signup links for the cram sessions that are supposed to begin tomorrow?


I've tried multiple times today to signup for the 70-620 session tomorrow, but I receive an error trying to access the signup page. The error is:  "An unknown error occurred while processing your request. This is most likely due to a connection failure. Please try again."

-->As of this morning, something is wrong with World Wide Events, the service we use for Live Meeting registration. As a result, you can't sign up now. And, people who have signed up won't get a reminder in the morning before the session. This is not ideal.

If you'd like to attend tomorrow's 7:30 AM PST session for 70-620, you might want to set a reminder in your calendar and then check this post. I'll add the Live Meeting sign-in link when I have it. Or, you can check this link tomorrow a.m. at 7:00 AM PST - I think they update that page with the URL right before the meeting starts, if all goes according to plan. 

Which, you know, it clearly is. 

Just like we planned it, is how it is going.

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  1. Mark Gillanders says:

    They are working now.

    I reported it


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.  

    I understand that you would like to view Windows Server 2008 webcasts, which are listed at:


    I would like to inform you that all the webcasts listed on the web site should be working fine. If you experience with accessing any of the webcasts, please write back to us with the following information:

    – Event ID:

    – Exact error message you receive (If any):

    – Web links involved:

    – Clear description of the issue:

    I appreciate your patience and look forward to your reply.

    Thank you,


    Microsoft Customer Service Representative

  2. jtb says:

    The Army and/or the Marines talk about how "you fight like you train"…  Fortunately, although serious, folks who want to take the exam cram and the trst have multiple other venues and no one is shooting at them…

    Meanwhile, according to a GREAT email received yesterday, MCITP is the new MCSE…  it doesn’t expire!!!

  3. Andy (AJS1976) says:

    It stopped working some team on Saturday.  I downloaded hour 1 of 24 hours of Windows 2008.  After I watched it, I tried to download hour 2 but it didn’t work.  Nothing else would download either.  Hope this helps.

  4. George says:

    Trika, when will the 70-620 training slides be available?

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