SQL Server 2008 certification

Here are a few updates while Gerry and Jeff are busy making things. Of the whole plan for 2008 certs--remember we previewed this in a February live Meeting--the first two exams that will be coming up are:

  • 70-432: TS: Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 - Implementation and Maintenance
  • 70-448: TS: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance

Both of those result in an MCTS certification. They should be live in late August, with betas starting in June. We should see prep guides for those two go live sometime soon. Keep an eye on Gerry's blog, I'm sure he'll let you know when something has been posted.

Some of your recent questions:

Do you have any information I can use to explain the 2008 certifications?

Is there anything I can be studying now? 

Number one, go find SQL2008 and use it. Number two, there is some early, free e-learning that you should check out if you haven't already: Collection 6187: What's New in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Clinic 6258 AE: New Features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. This info and a few other resources are listed on the SQL Server 2008 learning portal: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/sql/2008/default.mspx

I want to take the SQL Server 2005 exams 70-431, 70-441 to 70-444.  However, SQL Server 2008 exams will be coming.  Does it mean I need to take a new set of exams for SQL Server 2008 when they are available and pay again?

No, you will not be required to take the 2008 exams - but if you want to upgrade your certifications to 2008, then yes, there will be more exams. Make your decision based on which technology you'll be using. If you will keep working with SQL 2005, go after those certifications. There is no obligation or requirement to take the 2008 exams when they come out - your 2005 certifications will be valid until mainstream support for SQL 2005 goes away (a long time). When you eventually want to move to a 2008 certification, you can use an upgrade path from MCITP on 2005 (see the PDF poster to get a picture of that). If you see yourself/your organization using SQL 2008 immediately, then you might consider waiting until those exams are available and starting that path fresh.

How far away are the rest of the exams?

Looking like October/November 2008 - in any case towards the end of the calendar year. Except for the planned upgrade exams - not sure when those will be out.

  • 70-433: TS: SQL Server 2008, Database Development
  • 70-450: PRO: Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Server Infrastructure Using SQL Server 2008
  • 70-451: PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using SQL Server 2008
  • 70-452: PRO: Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using SQL Server 2008
Comments (6)

  1. JasonMassie says:

    How can I get in for the beta exams. I took the 2005 beta exams and I also took all of the SQL 7.0 and SQL 2000 tests.

  2. Koen Wijnstok (MCT) says:

    Thanks for the poster Trika! Love it!

  3. Peter Read says:

    Bring on the beta’s!  Stop everything else!  Everyone loves SQL! 🙂

  4. Trika says:

    Jason, we dont keep a list or anything, so there’s no way to really "sign up." Make sure you’re subscribed to the MCP newsletter and if they pull your set of data for invites you’ll get one. Also, keep an eye on Gerry’s blog (or mine) and if the betas are public we’ll post the info.

    Koen, glad you like it. Jeff (the cert product manager) made it. He’s tops.

    Peter, I recommend that you take yourself out for a drink.

    Talk to you guys soon!


  5. We’ve posted information about SQL Server 2008 certifications – and the related prep guides – to our

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