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As you might recall, I ride the Tick, the Northwest's premier vanpool, to work. I have decided to start a new, very popular feature of my blog called "Ask the Tick." In this very popular new feature, you will pose a question and I will put it to the members of the Tick to answer on the ride home.

Tick News Sidebar: One member of the Tick, Lucky, left us recently for grad school. I was very pleased wiht her goodbye gift, which was a Tick calendar featuring glossy photos of the Tick in transit and at rest: interior, exterior; profile, portrait... rear view.

I can't lie to you. It is one hell of a calendar.


But back to business. I have great faith in my vanpool, and I bet they can answer your question, especially if it is about:

  • developing for CRM and some other products I don't remember
  • something about analytics services or models and theorems in SQL Server something services, or something
  • the Microsoft library
  • Windows Live
  • Office Communication Server group chat
  • pivot tables
  • HR violations
  • Rock climbing, shapenote singing, or restaurants in Seattle's premier neighborhoods of Wallingford and Ballard

So, go on.

Ask the Tick.

We've got nothing to do, anyway, but drive home.

Comments (18)

  1. Scar says:

    For those that don’t know why the van is called the tick, it was named after the cartoon of the same name.  You can find more information at:


  2. Adrian says:

    To the Tick!

    Whats the oldest Book in the MS library?

    (The paper not the software kind 🙂 )

  3. Bryant Likes says:

    How much storage space do we get with Windows Live Photos? I cannot find a number anywhere so I’m asking the Tick. 🙂

  4. Larry says:

    Can Microsoft Bob run as a virtual OS?

  5. Jeff Guillet says:

    This is not a trick question–just a straight forward math problem:

    There are 7 girls in a bus

    Each girl has 7 backpacks

    In each backpack, there are 7 big cats

    For every big cat, there are 7 little cats

    Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

  6. jtb says:

    Tick => Ben Edlund => Firefly/Serenity

    There are probably 8 pairs of legs on the bus, unless they started accepting pets…  and 7 backpacks is way too much luggage for an innocent girl to be transporting by herself…

  7. jtb says:

    8 pair of legs => driver plus seven girls…

  8. Jeff Guillet says:

    Way off!  This is not a trick question.  Get out your calculator.

  9. Matt says:

    2744 legs?  That’s a lot of legs…

  10. David says:

    when are the Server 2008 MOC courses going to be available?

  11. LarryWestMCSD says:

    Of course, Jeff, it depends on how many missing legs there are. There is probably one cat (usually named "Lucky") missing a leg or two.

    Are all seven girls picked up at different places? If so, there are eight legs. Initial van parking spot to first girl’s home, first girl’s home to second girl’s home, …, seventh girl’s home to the office (nine legs if you include office to van parking spot). This is assuming all of the girls work at the same office.

    My first question: I just got a free voucher to take exam 70-441. Is this just a Microsoft ploy to get me to pay for 70-442 since I have a policy of no longer paying for exams, or what?

    My second question: Why does Windows spaces have such a small size limit? I had to split my list of Microsoft exams into two posts, and my compilation of numbers holding certifications into three. Since the same amount of your server space is being used whether I have it as one post or three, I see no reason for it.

    My third question: Why does Google exclude Seattle in its StreetView program, but includes Reardan, Washington (population 608)?

    To answer the other Larry: Yours is the trick question, since Bob is NOT an OS, but an application program. I once got Bob to run under Windows XP, and since XP can be run on a virtual environment, the answer to your question is "yes" (it can be run) and "no" (not as an OS). Do the members of "the Tick" agree?

  12. Adrian says:

    Has the Tick forsaken us? We must have angered it…

    9618 legs not including any Bus driver, or extra cats?

    @Jeff. Your right, mere mortals can never solve this one, we need the collective power of The Tick

  13. Larry says:

    Great answer for my ‘What about Bob?’ post!  You’re right, it was a ‘tick’ question 😉

    So, now for a tough one.  Does anyone know what ‘Bob Fries’ are?

    (And, who is going to build Trika’s Tick Questions website?)

  14. Jeff Guillet says:

    Adrian, you’re getting warmer.

  15. 2744 cats (49 backpacks times 56 cats per pack), 10990 legs [less any missing], plus the driver’s if not one of the girls. Plus the people from Animal Planet and/or PETA complaining about having too many cats on a bus. Not to mention that fugitive Spanish banana that has probably sprouted legs by now left in one of the packs.

    I’m surprised the Tick hasn’t answered this one yet.

  16. Adrian says:

    @Larry, I take my "Certified by Chuck Norris" hat off to you!

    @Jeff, Good Question :), More!!

  17. LarryWestMCSD says:

    Question for the Tick (and/or Trika):

    How does one become a MCITP: United States History Major? [see

  18. Trika says:

    THese are the best questions for the Tick anyone has EVER asked in this column. Seriously. But I keep forgetting to Ask the Tick.


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