It’s business time.

YT, back in the saddle. Home just in time to learn that bits of the MCP site are down and you probably can't access some of your certification tools (transcript, etc). Just wanted to let you know so you don't try to access something and get annoyed. If you <Suzy and Gustavo, for example> already have <gotten annoyed>, I'm sorry. Someone is on the case and I'll update this post when I hear things are back to normal.

No more vacation for me! The honeymoon's over. It's back to business. It's business time.

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  1. hartplaza says:

    Did we miss the drinks and weddingcake ???

  2. It’s business time??? Was that an offer? 🙂

  3. jtb says:

    I’m interested in the honeymoon bits…  Was there a wedding?  Why weren’t we invited?  We would have been geeks bearing gifts…  "B-ware" we don’t have; but you can never have enough toasters, cheese-slicers, and China, right?

  4. hartplaza says:

    jtb, agree with you,…

    But anyway, Trika, In case you did get married, congratulations. But watch out, once married, you’ll walk with a perambulator before you’ll know what happened.

  5. Trika says:

    Points of clarification

    – Honeymoon was figure of speech. Was just on vacation.

    – No, not an offer.

    – I think the site issue has been solved, but I’m going to give it a bit to make sure.

  6. Nemo says:

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday! 😉

  7. MCP secure site back to normal work, I had try today, its ok.

  8. Pierre says:

    Welcome back!

    I truely hope you had a great time on holidays and that coming back to work will be as smooth as possible…

    Best regards,


  9. Robert W. (aka WallyTgoat) says:

    WB!  Time to rock the VOTE!…err sry wrong site.  Now were did I put my study guide?

    As far as the MCP site… yes, it was annoying.  But that is the fun bit about IT.  If it doesnt work the way you expect it to, find another way.  Photoshop is AWSOME!  My latest cert, Supreme Evil Networking Associate…  the test is brutal, but SOOOOO worth it.  <—Kidding.

    Knowledge is power, Power  Corrupts, Study hard be evil.

  10. Trika says:

    Thanks for the welcome home!

    JTB, HP, ETc: Don’t be daft, of course when I get married you all will be invited. This is what my gift registry will look like.


    Has 0; Requests 2


    Has 0; Requests 2


    Has 0; Requests 2

    (JTB what is B-ware)

  11. Mike Cavel says:

    Just wondering, where does a girl who travels the world going to all kinds of exotic places for Microsoft find to go on ‘holiday’? You’d catch me in a river with a fly rod!!!

    P.S. – hope you had fun…

  12. jtb says:

    "Geeks bearing gifts" and "B-ware" is a somewhat nerdy take-off on the Aeneid by Homer (i.e, large wooden horses left outside the city gates), and Sophocles’ admonition to "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"…  😉

    Hope that brightens your day…

  13. Trika says:

    Ah. I’m on it.

  14. I am so not feeling the love anymore. 🙁

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