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Question: Can you take an exam from the Pro Series w/o taking any of MCTS based exams?
Answer: You can walk in and take it, yes... and it will show on your transcript, if you pass it... but it will NOT earn you the corresponding pro-series certificaiton until you pass all the other pre-requisite MCTS exams. Make sense?

Question: what would be the recommended path (order of exams taken) for a person to achieve the 2k8 certification (all 6 exams)
Answer: most people probably start with the Vista exam 70-620. but it really depends on what you are the most familiar with. I always like to start with what I think would be my easiest exam to build confidence.

Question: where does mcsa/mcse fit in?
Answer: MCSE/MCSA was the path for Server 2003 and earlier. We found that many complained that they were too broad and not descriptive enough so there is no MCSE/MCSA for 2008. However, if you current work with 2003 you can still complete the 2003 MCSE and I would encourage you to do so.

Question: What is the path for those that have the 2003 MCSE Exchange ? ( Enterprise Admin for Exchange)
Answer: Exchange was merely a specialization for the MCSE. you would follow the same path as any other MCSE when upgrading.

Question: will my MCSE 2k cert expire in the future?
Answer: No, the MCSE certification will not expire.

Question: What is the path from Windows 2003 MCSE to MCITP?
Answer: 70-649 will upgrade your MCSE to Server 2008 (TS level) and then, depending on whether you would like to become an Enterprise Administrator or Server Administrator, you must take the corrisponding Pro level (and a client exam for the EA)

Question: Is there a Enterprise Admin for Exchange?
Answer: Sort of. there are 2 Pro level exams, 70-237 (Designing exchange 2007) and 70-238 (Deploying Exchange 2007). Similar to the EA and SA Server exams, thoe exchange pro exams relate to what we see in the job rol

CORRECTED ANSWER ON MAY 7 Question: Thank you, what will taking both 70-237 and 70-238 get me ?
Answer: After you pass 70-236 to earn MCTS: Exchange 2007, you need to pass BOTH 237 and 238 to earn one MCITP certification called MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator.

Question: when do these upgrade exams expire??
Answer: We don't have a date yet for experation. They will most likely last until at least the next version of Windows Server.

Question: Any news on the TechEd weekend bootcamp?
Private Answer: Jake, you're killing me, man!!!!

Question: Just keeping you on your toes 🙂 That and my boss is buggin me about it.
Answer: Tell your boss I said you were doing a fantastic job and deserved a raise

Question: After taking 70-649 do you still need to take 70-620 to obtain the the Enterprise Admin
Answer: yes, 649 gets you AD, Network and Application TS exams. Plus you need a client and then the Pro level exam

Question: Thank you very much.
Answer: Thanks for attending!!

Question: I've just completed my 70-270 XP exam, is that an MCP or MCTS?
Answer: It is a legacy MCP exam - you pass it your earn a generic MCP certificatiion. Congrats by the way...

Question: Does my MCSE expire if I upgrade to the new MCITP cert?
Answer: It never expires-you can call yourself a MCSE and use the title and logo as long as you wish regardless of additional certifications you earn...

Question: Are the exams available from both VUE and Prometric?
Answer: Prometric only now - we started using a single primary exam delivery partner last December...

Question: Question; Can you comment on the planned lifespan of this exam; Exam 70-649: TS: Upgrading Your MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, Technology Specialist?
Answer: How long will it be avilable? For at the least the next 4-5 years...

Question: I see on the microsoft website that there are two certified practice test providers,but on the internet there are hundreds that sell practice tests and gurantee passing, are they legal?
Answer: Depends...many are brain dump sites that buy pirated content from people that steal it from us...I'd stick to MeasureUP or Self-test if you can...

Question: Can you use the 2nd shot offer on the upgrade exams?
Answer: problem.

Question: When will 70-649 be available?
Answer: Available now worldwide...

Question: What if I earn my MCSE 2003 in the near future, may it still be upgraded or is there a date you have to have the MCSE for 2003?
Answer: The exams that support this certification will be around for at least another 3-5 years and the cert will be valuable as long as the industry is demanding WS 2003 skills.

Question: When does the upgrade test come out. will the test price stay the same and is there in promotional discount for the new exam
Answer: The 2003 to 2008 upgraee exams are out now, priced at $125 USD, and are part of our second shot promotion (if you fail you get a free re-take)...

Question: What is Microsoft considering to be their partners' "gold standard" cert. for Server 2008? (similar to MCSE for Server 2003)?
Answer: MCITP: Server Admin and Enterprise Admin both are likely to hold this designation when MSPP switches everything from 2003 to 2008.

Question: Is there an equivalent for 70-298, (security focus)? I don't see security focus on any of the new exams.
Answer: The Microsoft Security Product Group asked us to cover security in all our exams vs. doing separate, security-focused exams on particular technolgies. We are investigating the idea of doing a security-focused job role certification but that is still in the research phase...

Question: Is it possible to be both MCITP Enterprise Admin and Server admin by taking both appropriate exams?
Answer: YES!

Question: is the second shot promo available worldwide?
Private Answer: Yes!

Question: Regarding the 2nd shot offer, if you fail on the retake, are you still entitled for another free retake?
Answer: No, just one free retake

Question: are the exams going to be anything like the 70-292? That was painful!
Answer: No, the new upgrade exams are very differnet experience

Question: To where can I address additional questions after this presentation?

Question: Thanks for having the webcast at a decent time for us this side of the pond in th uk. 🙂
Answer: You bet!

Question: Can you explain what the MS Certified Architect Cert entails?

Question: when will the 2k8 exams change to emulation type? and when they change, will those who already certifed need to retake the exams?
Answer: Not sure what date exactly - within the next year for at least one of them. No, no one will need to retake any exams !

Question: Thanks for the meeting, it was really usefull. 🙂
Answer: That's great. Thank YOU

Question: THANKS! 🙂 You don' t have to answer.
Answer: oh.

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  1. Robert Walter (aka WallyTgoat) says:

    Thanks Guys!  I was so mad that I missed this yesterday, but I am happy to have it now!  Thanks for all the hard work…  

  2. jtb says:

    Very good blog!  Very happy I found this site!!

  3. Jian An Lim says:

    Question: Thank you, what will taking both 70-237 and 70-238 get me ?

    Answer: Assuming you have also passed the required TS exams, taking both would get you 2 certifications: MCITP:Exchange 2007, Designing and MCITP:Exchange 2007, Deploying.

    I did not realise you will get 2 MCITP after u complete 70-237 and 70-238

    I only got MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator  

  4. Dean Zoran says:

    What is the emulation question about? Can anyone please clarify that for me?

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